Appendix E. Rulemaking Law in the Utah Code

Table of Contents

Title 63, Chapter 46a: Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act
63-46a-1. Short title.
63-46a-2. Definitions.
63-46a-3. When rulemaking is required.
63-46a-3.5. Rules having the effect of law.
63-46a-4. Rulemaking procedure.
63-46a-5. Public hearings.
63-46a-6. Changes in rules.
63-46a-7. Emergency rulemaking procedure.
63-46a-8. Division to provide list of rulemaking activity to Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel. [Repealed]
63-46a-9. Agency review of rules -- Schedule of filings -- Limited exemption for certain rules.
63-46a-9.5. Division of Administrative Rules created -- Appointment of director.
63-46a-9.6. Utah Administrative Code -- Organization -- Official compilation.
63-46a-10. Division of Administrative Rules -- Duties generally.
63-46a-10.5. Repeal and reenactment of Utah Administrative Code.
63-46a-11. Administrative Rules Review Committee.
63-46a-11.5. Legislative reauthorization of agency rules -- Extension of rules by governor.
63-46a-12. Interested parties.
63-46a-12.1. Judicial challenge to administrative rules.
63-46a-13. Actions for declaratory judgment to determine the validity of a rule. [Repealed]
63-46a-14. Time for contesting a rule -- Statute of limitations.
63-46a-15. Declaratory rulings by agencies. [Repealed]
63-46a-16. Utah Administrative Code as official compilation of rules -- Judicial notice.
63-46a-17. Electronic records and conversion of written records by governmental agencies.