Appendix F. Administrative Rules on Rulemaking

Table of Contents

R15-1. Administrative Rule Hearings
R15-1-1. Authority.
R15-1-2. Definitions.
R15-1-3. Purpose.
R15-1-4. When Agencies Hold Hearings.
R15-1-5. Hearing Procedures.
R15-1-8. Decision on an Issue Regarding Rulemaking Procedure.
R15-1-9. Appeal and Judicial Review.
R15-2. Public Petitioning for Rulemaking.
R15-2-1. Authority.
R15-2-2. Definitions.
R15-2-3. Petition Procedure.
R15-2-4. Petition Form.
R15-2-5. Petition Consideration And Disposition.
R15-3. Definitional Clarification of Administrative Rule.
R15-3-1. Authority, Purpose, and Definitions.
R15-3-2. Agency Discretion.
R15-3-3. Use of Incorporation by Reference in Rules.
R15-3-4. Computer-Prohibited Material.
R15-4. Administrative Rulemaking Procedures.
R15-4-1. Authority and Purpose.
R15-4-2. Definitions.
R15-4-3. Publication Dates and Deadlines.
R15-4-4. Thirty-day Comment Period.
R15-4-5. Notice of the Effective Date of a Rule.
R15-4-6. Nonsubstantive Changes in Rules.
R15-4-7. Substantive Changes in Proposed Rules.
R15-4-8. Temporary 120-day Rules.
R15-4-9. Underscoring and Striking Out.
R15-4-10. Estimates of Anticipated Cost or Savings, and Compliance Cost.
R15-5. Administrative Rules Adjudicative Proceedings.
R15-5-1. Purpose.
R15-5-2. Authority.
R15-5-3. Definitions.
R15-5-4. Refusal to Publish or Register a Rule or Rule Change.
R15-5-5. Appeal of a Refusal to Publish or Register a Rule or Rule Change.
R15-5-6. Determining the Procedural Validity of a Rule.
R15-5-7. Remedies Resulting from an Adjudicative Proceeding.