Rulewriting Manual for Utah


Kenneth A. Hansen

Division of Administrative Rules

Nancy Lancaster

Publications Editor

Chris Fawcett


Michael Broschinsky

Administrative Code Editor

12th Edition

version 1.1.0

Table of Contents

1. Rulewriting Style
General Principles
Numerical References
Structure and Word Selection
Citations in Rule
Incorporation by Reference
Organization of Rules
Text Formatting Standards: A Comprehensive Check List
2. The Rulemaking Process
Rulemaking Types
A. Flow Charts of the Rulemaking Process
B. Problem Words and Expressions Defined
C. Preferred Terms
D. Sample Rule in Format
E. Rulemaking Law in the Utah Code
Title 63, Chapter 46a: Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act
F. Administrative Rules on Rulemaking
R15-1. Administrative Rule Hearings
R15-2. Public Petitioning for Rulemaking.
R15-3. Definitional Clarification of Administrative Rule.
R15-4. Administrative Rulemaking Procedures.
R15-5. Administrative Rules Adjudicative Proceedings.
G. Governor's Executive Order, 2/3/1986
H. Governor's Executive Order, 3/22/1988

List of Figures

A.1. Utah Administrative Rulemaking Process—Simplified View
A.2. Utah Administrative Rulemaking Process