For many years the Rulewriting Manual for Utah was designed to be a one-stop reference for administrators and rulewriters alike. It contained an explanation of administrative law and administrative rulemaking. It provided a brief history of rulemaking in Utah. It discussed the role of the legislature in reviewing agency rulemaking.

While valuable, the scope of the information provided in previous editions was far more than necessary. The Division of Administrative Rules has accordingly opted for a change in publication. The Rulewriting Manual for Utah will become three separate manuals, each dealing with a different part of administrative rulemaking, and each written for a specific audience:

This new approach does not lose sight of its history. As always, the Division of Administrative Rules is indebted to all those who have made contributions to the Rulewriting Manual for Utah. We are grateful for the work of KayCee McGuinly and Robin L. Riggs for their efforts in preparing the first edition. Dr. William S. Callaghan, the first director of the Division of Administrative Rules, and Dr. Dalmas Nelson of the University of Utah made significant contributions in subsequent editions. We are also grateful to staff at the Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel, from whose Legislative Drafting Manual we have liberally borrowed.

Lastly, we are grateful to the current director and staff at the Division of Administrative Rules: Kenneth A. Hansen, Nancy Lancaster, Chris Fawcett, Sophia Manousakis, and Mike Broschinsky, who have spent time and effort to create this new version of the Rulewriting Manual for Utah.