Executive Document

Governor's Executive Order Declaring a State of Emergency for Wasatch County.

Issued: January 12, 1993


WHEREAS, beginning on January 2, 1993, severe winter storms and heavy snow have occurred and are still occurring in Wasatch County, Utah; and

WHEREAS, these severe winter conditions have caused an extraordinary amount of snowfall to accumulate along highways and roads, which has not yet been removed and has made roads impassable; and

WHEREAS, due to heavy snow fall received within the last week, and with an expected additional accumulation of significant snow in the State of Utah, and due to the road closures, 10 to 25 foot snow drifts, and the difficulty of travel in Wasatch County, Utah; and

WHEREAS, Dozens of public buildings, including schools, are experiencing a severe snow load condition on rooftops which poses a major threat to public safety from collapse.

WHEREAS, transportation of feed and water to livestock is severely impeded by drifting snow.

WHEREAS, transportation of medical emergencies to hospitals is severely limited and several families are isolated; and

WHEREAS, agencies providing services to the elderly, disabled and other emergency and public services have limited access due to the above described road conditions; and

WHEREAS, immediate attention is necessary to alleviate the situation which threatens the safety, health and welfare of the citizens of Wasatch County; and

WHEREAS, these conditions do create a disaster emergency within the intent of the Disaster Response and Recovery Act of 1981, and

NOW THEREFORE, I, Michael O. Leavitt, Governor of the State of Utah by virtue of the power vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the State of Utah, do hereby order as follows:

It is found, determined and declared that a "State of Emergency" exists due to the severe winter conditions in Wasatch County and such area is declared to be a disaster requiring aid, assistance and relief available pursuant to the Emergency Operations Plan, Volume II, Natural Disaster, which is hereby activated.

IN TESTIMONY, WHERE OF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the State of Utah. Done at the State Capitol in Salt Lake City, Utah this 12th day of January 1993.

(State Seal)

Michael O. Leavitt


Olene S. Walker
Lieutenant Governor


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