Executive Document

Governor's Proclamation Extending Honorary Citizenship to the Members of the Army Communities of Excellence Team.

Issued: March 16, 1993


WHEREAS, the Utah Army National Guard has, for the third year in a row, been selected as one of the five finalists in the Department of the Army Communities of Excellence Competition; and

WHEREAS, this recognition is based on the ability of the Utah National Guard and its members to emphasize and practice excellence in service to the citizens of Utah in and outside their military community; and

WHEREAS, the service rendered and the actions which led to this recognition are the standard to which the Utah National Guard has performed and does perform on a regular basis; and

WHEREAS, the Department of the Army is sending a team to Utah to evaluate the Utah National Guard in its work and commitment to the highest standard of service and quality and the state of Utah desires to recognize the members of the team and welcome them to our state with a suitable honor;

NOW THEREFORE, I, Michael O. Leavitt, Governor of the state of Utah, extend honorary citizenship to the members of the Army Communities of Excellence Team and welcome them to our state and wish them a pleasant and enjoyable time to enjoy the beauty, grandeur and friendliness of Utah and its people.

DATED this 16th day of March 1993.

Michael O. Leavitt

Olene S. Walker
Lt. Governor


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