Executive Document

This executive document was published in the 11/15/2003, issue, Vol. 2003, No. 22, of the Utah State Bulletin.

Governor, Administration: Governor's Executive Order: Creating an Outdoor Recreation Economic Ecosystem Task Force

Issued: November 1, 2003



WHEREAS, Utah has numerous and varied natural attractions, features, and landscapes that set it apart as a premier destination for outdoor recreation opportunities and make Utah a world-renowned outdoor recreation capital;

WHEREAS, Utah is home to numerous quality manufacturers, retailers, and outfitters of outdoor recreation equipment and products that serve a worldwide market;

WHEREAS, Utahns and visitors to Utah have a high level of interest in outdoor recreation;

WHEREAS, the State of Utah is interested in ensuring that a full spectrum of recreation opportunities is available to the public;

WHEREAS, the outdoor recreation industry is an increasingly important component of Utah's economy;

WHEREAS, it is in Utah's interest to develop and support a strong outdoor recreation economy that benefits not only the outdoor recreation businesses in Utah, but also Utah's economy generally, as well as Utah's natural heritage;

WHEREAS, appropriate management and preservation of Utah's outstanding natural areas is essential to the continued vitality of the outdoor recreation experience;

WHEREAS, preserving appropriate access to premier outdoor recreation destinations is important to the viability of the outdoor recreation experience;

WHEREAS, wilderness is an important component of the outdoor recreation economy and, therefore, possesses economic value for the state;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Michael O. Leavitt, Governor of the State of Utah, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the laws and the constitution of the state, hereby order the following:

1. There is created the Outdoor Recreation Economic Ecosystem Task Force.

2. The task force shall:

a. develop a marketing plan to promote and develop the outdoor recreation industry in Utah;

b. identify the state's premier outdoor recreation destinations and natural assets;

c. target outdoor recreation manufacturing, retailing, tourism and other activities that make up the Outdoor Recreation Economic Ecosystem;

d. work collaboratively with Utah counties to meet the goal of assuring that benefits of the outdoor recreation economy flow in significant proportion to local economies;

e. work collaboratively with industry representatives, counties, the state, and federal land agencies to seek fair ways to ensure that local communities have sufficient resources for public services strained by outdoor recreation, such as search and rescue, ambulance service, road maintenance, and other public infrastructure;

f. recommend how outdoor recreation and heritage tourism experiences can be integrated to provide a more complete and diverse tourism and visitor experience; and

g. endeavor to build bridges between the outdoor recreation economy and the traditional western heritage economy of rural Utah, with an eye to harmonizing, balancing, and preserving both for future generations.

3. The task force shall be appointed by the governor and shall include one or more representatives from the following, for a total of 13 to 17 members:

a. four to six members from state agencies, including:

i. the Director of the Governor's Office of Planning and Budget or designee;

ii. the Executive Director of the Department of Natural Resources or designee;

iii. the Director of the Division of Business and Economic Development or designee;

iv. the Director of the Division of Travel and Tourism or designee;

b. four to six rural county commissioners or members of county councils; and

c. four to six Utah outdoor recreation manufacturers, retailers, and other industry professionals in Utah.

4. Members of the task force shall serve without per diem and expenses.

5. The terms of the state officials shall correspond to their terms of service in the relevant assignment. Members who are county officers shall serve terms of four years, but they may not serve beyond the expiration of their term in county office. Members who are industry representatives shall serve four-year terms.

6. The terms of the initial county and industry members shall be staggered so that approximately half of each group serve terms that expire on July 1, 2005, and half serve terms that expire on July 1, 2007. All successive terms shall be for four years, except as provided in Paragraph 5.

7. The Governor shall appoint the chair of the task force.

8. Staff support shall be supplied by the Department of Community and Economic Development.

9. A majority of the task force constitutes a quorum for voting purposes, and all actions shall be by majority vote of the quorum in attendance at a meeting.

10. The task force may meet as often as necessary to perform its duties, and shall meet at least quarterly.

11. The state agencies represented on the task force, as well as other state agencies that may be involved in specific task force issues shall work collaboratively and productively to achieve the goals of this order.

12. The Governor's Office of Planning and Budget, in collaboration with other state agencies as necessary, shall identify the land management and ownership status currently in place for the premier outdoor recreation destinations and natural assets identified by the task force under Paragraph 2.b, for subsequent use by the Governor in seeking any modification that may be appropriate to preserve or enhance those destinations or assets.

13. This order shall remain in effect until revoked or supplanted by executive order.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and cause to be affixed the Great Seal of the State of Utah. Done in Salt Lake City, Utah, this 1st day of November, 2003.

(State Seal)



Lieutenant Governor


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