Executive Document

This executive document was published in the 05/15/2005, issue, Vol. 2005, No. 10, of the Utah State Bulletin.

Governor, Administration: Governor's Executive Order 2005-0005: Creating the Utah Commemorative Quarter-Dollar Coin Commission

Issued: February 11, 2005


Creating the Utah Commemorative Quarter-Dollar Coin Commission

WHEREAS, in 1997 the United States Congress enacted Public Law 105-124, known as the 50 States Commemorative Coin Program Act (the "Act");

WHEREAS, the Act provides for issuance of a commemorative quarter-dollar coin for each of the 50 states during a 10-year period, with five coins being issued each year;

WHEREAS, the Utah quarter-dollar coin is scheduled to be issued in October 2007;

WHEREAS, the design for the Utah quarter-dollar coin will be selected by the Secretary of the United States Department of the Treasury in consultation with the Governor and in accordance with guidelines adopted by the United States Mint;

WHEREAS, the United States Mint has invited the State to submit between three and five narrative recommendations for design of the Utah quarter-dollar coin;

WHEREAS, it is desirable that each resident of the State of Utah have the opportunity to submit a recommendation as to the design of the Utah commemorative quarter-dollar coin; and

WHEREAS, it is necessary and desirable to establish a commission to assist in facilitating public input regarding the design of the Utah quarter;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Jon M. Huntsman, Jr., Governor of the State of Utah, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the laws and constitution of the state of Utah, hereby order the following:

1. There is created the Utah Commemorative Quarter-dollar coin Commission.

2. The Commission shall have no more than nine members and shall be comprised of individuals selected by the Governor to represent the Utah Arts Council, the proposed Department of Community and the Arts, the Division of State History, the Office of the Governor, the Division of Travel and Tourism Development, the Utah State Legislature, the State Office of Education and the graphic design industry.

3. The Commission shall:

a. Develop an orderly process that complies with the requirements and guidelines of the United States Mint and that allows any Utahn to submit a narrative recommendation for design of the Utah quarter to the Commission.

b. Establish a format and deadline for submission of recommendations to the Commission.

c. Publicize the process and invite participation through news releases, public service announcements, and other reasonable methods.

d. Establish a website with information and requirements for submission of recommendations.

e. Encourage recommendations that are forward-looking as well as those that are historical.

f. Organize recommendations received by category or subject matter, group duplicate recommendations, and make the recommendations available for public review. The Commission may disregard any recommendations that do not comply with the requirements and guidelines.

g. Between January 3 and January 31, 2005, coordinate with the Governor regarding the process, method and timing for selection of the 3-5 narrative design recommendations that will be submitted to the U. S. Mint.

h. Submit no more than 50 recommendations to the Governor's Executive Committee no later than June 15, 2005.

i. Submit the selected recommendations to the U. S. Mint no later than July 2, 2005, or such other time as the U. S. Mint directs.

j. After receiving concept drawings from the U. S. Mint, issue a press release that includes copies of the drawings.

k. Assist the Governor in selection of the final design and submission to the U. S. Mint prior to the deadline established by the U. S. Mint.

4. The Director of the Utah Arts Council shall serve as the chair of the Commission. The chair, in consultation with the other members of the Commission, shall plan agendas and hold meetings of the Commission.

5. The Commission shall meet as often as necessary to perform its duties, and shall meet at least quarterly.

6. The Commission shall serve without per diem or expenses.

7. Commission members shall be appointed by the Governor and serve at the pleasure of the Governor with terms anticipated to expire in accordance with provision 11 of this Order.

8. A majority of the Commission constitutes a quorum for meeting and voting purposes.

9. The agencies and offices represented on the Commission may provide staff support within existing budgets and may request appropriations in future budgets to cover the expenses of the Commission.

10. The Commission may establish committees and working groups of volunteers to assist in the work of the Commission.

11. This order shall remain in effect until thirty days after the Utah quarter-dollar coin is issued by the U. S. Mint unless sooner revoked or supplanted by Executive Order.

12. This Executive Order supersedes and replaces Executive Order No. 2004-9.

IN WITNESS, WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the State of Utah. Done in Salt Lake City, Utah this 11th day of February, 2005.

(State Seal)

Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.


Gary R. Herbert
Lieutenant Governor



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