Executive Document

This executive document was published in the 06/01/2005, issue, Vol. 2005, No. 11, of the Utah State Bulletin.

Governor, Administration: Governor's Executive Order 2005-0008: Creating the Blue Ribbon Fisheries Advisory Council

Issued: May 19, 2005


Creating the Blue Ribbon Fisheries Advisory Council

WHEREAS, Utah is home to a wide array of pristine fisheries located throughout the State;

WHEREAS, these fisheries attract tourists from outside Utah as well as within;

WHEREAS, the resultant tourism dollars represent a significant factor in rural and urban economies;

WHEREAS, the states surrounding Utah are also home to a variety of pristine fisheries with which Utah competes to attract tourists;

WHEREAS, pristine fisheries contribute to our quality of life; and

WHEREAS, it is necessary to enhance, protect and promote the fisheries of our State for economic as well as recreational benefit;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Jon M. Huntsman, Jr., Governor of the State of Utah, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the laws and Constitution of the State of Utah, hereby order the following:

1. There is created the Blue Ribbon Fisheries Advisory Council.

2. The Council shall have no more than 13 members, appointed by the Governor to a term of three years, and shall be comprised of two members representing organized cold-water fishing interests, two members representing organized warm-water fishing interests, one member representing the commercial fishing industry, one member representing each of the five regions of the Division of Wildlife Resources, and three at-large members representing general fishing interests. An ex-officio non-voting representative from the Division 07/01/2013 10:36 AM ouncil.

3. The Council shall:

a. Identify fisheries throughout the State to be designated as "Blue Ribbon Fisheries."

b. Make recommendations as to the enhancement of the fishing ecosystems and aesthetic values of such "Blue Ribbon Fisheries."

c. Make recommendations as to the protection of "Blue Ribbon Fisheries" through collaboration with government agencies and private groups.

d. Make recommendations as to the promotion of "Blue Ribbon Fisheries" to attract tourists from within and outside the State.

4. The Council shall meet as often as necessary to perform its duties, and shall meet at least quarterly.

5. Council members shall serve without per diem or expenses.

6. A majority of the Council constitutes a quorum for meeting and voting purposes.

IN WITNESS, WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused to be affixed the Great Seal of the State of Utah. Done in Salt Lake City, Utah this 19th day of May, 2005.

(State Seal)

Jon M. Huntsman, Jr.


Gary R. Herbert
Lieutenant Governor



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