Finding the Right Agency for the Right Rule

How do I know who to contact about a rule?

Agencies can have rules that seem to overlap. An example would be rules about suicide prevention. There are many rules that cover suicide prevention in different ways, at different agencies.

Here are examples of three different rules about suicide prevention, written at three different agencies: 

  1. Rule R277-620-2 is written by the Board of Education to provide for collaboration with the Department of Health and Department of Human Services to establish, oversee, and provide model policies, programs for LEAs and training for parents about youth suicide prevention programs.

  2. Rule R156-60-105 is written by the Department of Commerce, Occupational and Professional Licensing for continuing education for Mental Health Professionals that dictates the requirements for them to complete suicide prevention training.

  3. Rule R523-14-2 is written by the Department of Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health to implement a state suicide prevention strategy.

Search Tips for Finding the Right Agency for the Right Rule:

  • Is the location a hospital? It could be written by the Department of Health.

  • Is the location a school? It could be written by the Board of Education. 

  • Is the location a university? It could be written by the Utah Board of Regents.


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Tips for Searching Rules

Defining the physical location of where a rule might be applied can be helpful when trying to find the agency that wrote a rule.

For example, if the rule is in regards to an issue at a school, it might be the Utah State Board of Education that wrote the rule.

However, if the school were the University of Utah, contacting the Utah Board of Higher Education would be the correct agency to contact.

By including simple words like 'university', 'elementary', or 'secondary', to your 'school' search, the results will be more likely to help you find the correct rule and agency. 

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