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This rule was published in the June 1, 2010, issue (Vol. 2010, No. 11) of the Utah State Bulletin.

Administrative Services, Finance

Rule R25-7

Travel-Related Reimbursements for State Employees

Notice of Proposed Rule


DAR File No.: 33618
Filed: 05/05/2010 03:07:32 PM


Purpose of the rule or reason for the change:

The rule is amended to: 1) add additional cities to the list of premium cites which have an approved lodging rate that is higher than the standard reimbursement rate; and 2) modify the rates of two existing cities on the list.

Summary of the rule or change:

The following cities with the accompanying rates (before tax) have been added to the list: Bullfrog-$70, Cedar City-$70, Delta-$70, Fillmore-$70, Nephi-$70, Payson-$70, Lehi-$75, Torrey-$70, and Tremonton-$70. All other Utah cities not specified on the list will be rated at $65 plus tax a night. The rate for Moab is increased to $90 from $80. Springville is reduced from $75 to $70.

State statutory or constitutional authorization for this rule:

  • Section 63A-3-106
  • Section 63A-3-107

Anticipated cost or savings to:

the state budget:

Amending this rule may result in a cost to the state budget. State agencies will spend more to reimburse travel to the new cities added to the list. The Division of Finance does not know how many total nights' lodging agencies will be required to reimburse nor how many employees will use the rule for premium cities.

local governments:

This rule applies only to state agencies and state employees and therefore, will have no impact on local government.

small businesses:

This rule applies only to state agencies and state employees and therefore, will have no impact on small businesses.

persons other than small businesses, businesses, or local governmental entities:

The amendments to this rule may result in additional reimbursement to persons acting on behalf of the state but not employed directly by the state. The Division of Finance does not know how many individuals in this category will be reimbursed.

Compliance costs for affected persons:

There are no compliance costs associated with this amendment. If an agency chooses to permit employees to travel, any other costs resulting from compliance with this amendment will be paid by the agency.

Comments by the department head on the fiscal impact the rule may have on businesses:

The amendment to Section R25-7-8 applies only to state agencies and state employees and will have no impact on business.

Kimberly Hood, Executive Director

The full text of this rule may be inspected, during regular business hours, at the Division of Administrative Rules, or at:

Administrative Services
SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84114-1201

Direct questions regarding this rule to:

  • Marilee Richins at the above address, by phone at 801-538-3450, by FAX at 801-538-3244, or by Internet E-mail at

Interested persons may present their views on this rule by submitting written comments to the address above no later than 5:00 p.m. on:


This rule may become effective on:


Authorized by:

Kimberly Hood, Executive Director


R25. Administrative Services, Finance.

R25-7. Travel-Related Reimbursements for State Employees.

R25-7-5. Approvals.

(1) For insurance purposes, all state business travel, whether reimbursed by the state or not, must have prior approval by an appropriate authority. This also includes non-state employees where the state is paying for the travel expenses.

(2) Both in-state and out-of-state travel must be approved by the department head or designee. The approval of in-state travel reimbursement forms may be considered as documentation of prior approval for in-state travel. Prior approval for out-of-state travel should be documented on form FI5 - "Request for Out-of[_]-State Travel Authorization".

(3) Exceptions to the prior approval for out-of-state travel must be justified in the comments section of the Request for Out-of-State Travel Authorization, form FI 5, or on an attachment, and must be approved by the Department Director or the designee.

(4) The Department Director, the Executive Director, or the designee must approve all travel to out-of-state functions where more than two employees from the same department are attending the same function at the same time.


R25-7-8. Reimbursement for Lodging.

State employees who travel on state business may be eligible for a lodging reimbursement.

(1) For stays at a conference hotel, the state will reimburse the actual cost plus tax for both in-state and out-of-state travel. The traveler must include the conference registration brochure with the Travel Reimbursement Request, form FI 51A or FI 51B.

(2) For in-state lodging at a non-conference hotel, the state will reimburse the actual cost up to $65 per night for single occupancy plus tax except as noted in the table below:



Cities with Differing Rates

[Altamont                               $70 plus tax
Boulder                                 $70 plus tax
Bryce                                   $70 plus tax
Green River                             $70 plus tax
Kanab                                   $75 plus tax
Layton                                  $70 plus tax
Logan                                   $75 plus tax
Mexican Hat                             $70 plus tax
Moab                                    $80 plus tax
Ogden                                   $70 plus tax
Panguitch                               $70 plus tax
Park City                               $90 plus tax
Heber City/Midway                       $90 plus tax
Price                                   $70 plus tax
Provo/Orem/Springville/Lehi             $75 plus tax
Metropolitan Salt Lake City
(Draper to Centerville), Tooele         $90 plus tax
St. George/Washington/Springdale        $70 plus tax
Vernal/Roosevelt                        $90 plus tax
Altamont                                $70 plus tax
Boulder                                 $70 plus tax
Bryce                                   $70 plus tax
Bullfrog                                $70 plus tax
Cedar City                              $70 plus tax
Delta                                   $70 plus tax
Fillmore                                $70 plus tax
Heber City/Midway                       $90 plus tax
Kanab                                   $75 plus tax
Layton                                  $70 plus tax
Logan                                   $75 plus tax
Mexican Hat                             $70 plus tax
Moab                                    $90 plus tax
Nephi                                   $70 plus tax
Ogden                                   $70 plus tax
Panguitch                               $70 plus tax
Park City                               $90 plus tax
Payson                                  $70 plus tax
Price                                   $70 plus tax
Provo/Orem/Lehi                         $75 plus tax
Salt Lake City/Tooele                   $90 plus tax
Springville                             $70 plus tax
St George/Washington/Springdale         $70 plus tax
Torrey                                  $70 plus tax
Tremonton                               $70 plus tax
Vernal/Roosevelt                        $90 plus tax
All Other Utah Cities                   $65 plus tax


(3) For out-of-state travel stays at a non-conference hotel, the state will reimburse the actual cost per night plus tax, not to exceed the federal lodging rate for the location.

(4) The state will reimburse the actual cost per night plus tax for in-state or out-of-state travel stays where the department/traveler makes reservations through the State Travel Office.

(5) Lodging is reimbursed at the rates listed in Table 5 for single occupancy only. For double state employee occupancy, add $20, for triple state employee occupancy, add $40, for quadruple state employee occupancy, add $60.

(6) Exceptions will be allowed for unusual circumstances when approved in writing by the Department Director or designee prior to the trip.

(a) For out-of-state travel, the approval may be on the form FI 5.

(b) Attach the written approval to the Travel Reimbursement Request, form FI 51B or FI 51D.

(7) A proper receipt for lodging accommodations must accompany each request for reimbursement.

(a) The tissue copy of the charge receipt is not acceptable.

(b) A proper receipt is a copy of the registration form generally used by motels and hotels which includes the following information: name of motel/hotel, street address, town and state, telephone number, current date, name of person/persons staying at the motel/hotel, date of occupancy, amount and date paid, signature of agent, number in the party, and single or double occupancy.

(8) Travelers may also elect to stay with friends or relatives or use their personal campers or trailer homes instead of staying in a hotel.

(a) With proof of staying overnight away from home on approved state business, the traveler will be reimbursed the following:

(i) $25 per night with no receipts required or

(ii) Actual cost up to $40 per night with a signed receipt from a facility such as a campground or trailer park, not from a private residence.

(9) Travelers who are on assignment away from their home base for longer than 90 days will be reimbursed as follows:

(a) First 30 days - follow regular rules for lodging and meals. Lodging receipt is required.

(b) After 30 days - $46 per day for lodging and meals. No receipt is required.


KEY: air travel, per diem allowances, state employees, transportation

Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment: [April 21,]2010

Notice of Continuation: April 29, 2008

Authorizing, and Implemented or Interpreted Law: 63A-3-107; 63A-3-106


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