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Labor Commission, Industrial Accidents

Section R612-1-3

Official Forms

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DAR File No.: 36686
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Purpose of the rule or reason for the change:

The purpose of this rule change is to clarify that there are now three forms for Restorative Services Authorizations in Utah's workers' compensation system; Form 221(a) Spine, 221(b) Upper Extremity, and 221(c) Lower Extremity.

Summary of the rule or change:

The rule change lists the three forms and corrects language to reflect the change from use of one general form to three more specific forms.

State statutory or constitutional authorization for this rule:

  • Section 34A-3-101 et seq.
  • Section 34A-2-101 et seq.
  • Section 63G-4-102 et seq.
  • Section 34A-1-104 et seq.

Anticipated cost or savings to:

the state budget:

There would neither be a cost nor savings since this amendment simply establishes more-specific authorization forms.

local governments:

There would neither be a cost nor savings since this amendment simply establishes more-specific authorization forms.

small businesses:

There would neither be a cost nor savings since this amendment simply establishes more-specific authorization forms.

persons other than small businesses, businesses, or local governmental entities:

There would neither be a cost nor savings since this amendment simply establishes more-specific authorization forms.

Compliance costs for affected persons:

None--This amendment will replace the existing form 122, which has been used for all types of restorative services, with three more specialized forms that address specific types of injuries. These new forms are available at no cost and will not impose any additional reporting requirements or compliance costs on affected persons.

Comments by the department head on the fiscal impact the rule may have on businesses:

By replacing the existing form 122 with more-specialized forms that apply to particular injuries, the Commission anticipates that the forms will provide better information at the same time they are more user-friendly. The Commission does not expect this change to have any fiscal impact on businesses.

Sherrie Hayashi, Commissioner

The full text of this rule may be inspected, during regular business hours, at the Division of Administrative Rules, or at:

Labor Commission
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Authorized by:

Sherrie Hayashi, Commissioner


R612. Labor Commission, Industrial Accidents.

R612-1. Workers' Compensation Rules - Procedures.

R612-1-3. Official Forms.

A. "Employer's First Report of Injury - Form 122" - This form is used for reporting accidents, injuries, or occupational diseases as per Section 34A-2-407. This form must be filed within seven days of the occurrence of the alleged industrial accident or the employer's first knowledge or notification of the same. This form also serves as OSHA Form 301. The employer must report all injuries, other than first aid administered on site or at an employer sponsored free clinic, to the Industrial Accident Division and to the insurance carrier. First aid treatment is defined as:

a. non-prescription medications at non-prescription strength;

b. administering tetanus immunizations;

c. cleaning, flushing, or soaking wounds on the skin surface;

d. using wound coverings, such as bandages, Band Aid (TM), gauze pads, etc., or using SteriStrips (TM) or butterfly bandages;

e. using hot or cold therapy (limited to hot or cold packs, contrast baths and paraffin);

f. using any totally non-rigid means of support, such as elastic bandages, wraps, non-rigid back belts, etc.;

g. using temporary immobilization devices while transporting an accident victim (splints, slings, neck collars, or back boards);

h. drilling a fingernail or toenail to relieve pressure, or draining fluids from blisters;

i. using eye patches; using simple irrigation or a cotton swab to remove foreign bodies not embedded in or adhered to the eye;

j. using irrigation, tweezers, cotton swab or other simple means to remove splinters or foreign material from areas other than the eye;

k. using finger guards;

l. using massages;

m. drinking fluids to relieve heat stress;

First aid, as defined above, is limited to a one-time visit and one subsequent follow up visit within a 7 day time period. (This does not apply to reporting it on OSHA's 300 log). However, if first aid treatment is given by a licensed health professional in an employer sponsored free clinic then two subsequent visits within a 14 consecutive day time period are allowed. The employer must maintain the employer's injury report (Form 122) and health records on site for first aid treatment.

First aid, as defined in a through m, does not include any work injuries resulting in:

i) loss of consciousness;

ii) loss of work;

iii) restriction of work; or

iv) transfer to another job.

B. "Physician's Initial Report of Work Injury or Occupational Disease - Form 123" - This form is used by physicians and chiropractors to report their initial treatment of an injured employee. This form must be completed when a bill is generated for treatment administered by a licensed health care provider, as defined in 34A-2-11. This form is also to be completed by the health care provider if treatment, beyond first aid, is given at an employer sponsored free clinic. The form must be cosigned by the supervising physician, unless the form is completed by a nurse practitioner.

C. "Restorative Services Authorization - Form s 221(a) Spine, 221(b) Upper Extremity, and 221(c) Lower Extremity[ 221]" - [This]These forms [is]are to be used by any medical provider billing under the restorative services section of the Commission's adopted Resource-Based Relative Value Scale and the Medical Fee Guidelines. The medical provider shall file [this]the appropriate form with the insurance carrier or self-insured employer and the division within ten days of the initial evaluation. After the initial filing, an updated Restorative Services Authorization form must be filed for approval or denial at least every six visits until a fixed state of recovery has been reached.

D. "Statement of Insurance Carrier or Self-Insurer with Respect to Payment of Benefits - Form 141" - This form is used for reporting the initial benefits paid to an injured employee. This form must be filed with or mailed to the division on the same date the first payment of compensation is mailed to the employee. A copy of this form must accompany the first payment.

E. "Employee Notification of Denial of Claim - Form 089" - This form is used by insurance carriers or self-insured employers to notify the claimant that his or her claim, in whole or part, is denied and the reason(s) why the claim is being denied. An insurance carrier or self-insured employer shall complete its investigation within 45 days of receipt of the claim and shall commence the payment of benefits or notify the claimant and the division in writing that the claim, in whole or part, is denied.

F. "Insurance Carriers/ Self-Insurer's Notice of Further Investigation of a Workers' Compensation Claim - Form 441" - This form is used by insurance carriers or self-insured employers to notify the claimant and the commission that further investigation is needed and the reasons for further investigation. This form or letter containing similar information is to be filed within 21 days of notification of claim that further investigation is needed.

G. "Statement of Insurance Carrier or Self-Insurer with Respect to Suspension of Benefits - Form 142" - This form is to be used by insurance carriers or self-insured employers to notify an employee of the suspension of weekly compensation benefits. The form must be mailed to the employee and filed with the division five days before the date compensation is suspended. The insurance carrier or self-insured employer must specify the reason for the suspension of beneftis.

H. "Application for Hearing - Form 001" - Used by an applicant for instituting an industrial claim against an insurance carrier, self-insured employer, or uninsured employer. This form, obtainable from the division, must be filed and signed by the injured employee or his/her agent. All blanks must be completed to the best knowledge, belief, or information of the injured employee.

I. "Claim for Dependents' Benefits and/or Burial Benefits - Form 025" - This form is used by the dependent(s) of a deceased employee to seek benefits as a result of a fatal accident or occupational disease occurring in the course of employment.

1. This form must be filed before a hearing or an award is made, and pleadings will not be accepted in lieu thereof. If pleadings are submitted, the attorney so filing will be supplied the form for filing before any proceedings are initiated.

2. The filing of this form by the surviving spouse on behalf of the surviving spouse and the surviving spouse's dependent minor children is sufficient for all dependents.

3. Unless otherwise directed by an Administrative Law Judge, the following information shall be supplied before an Order or an Award is made:

(a) A certified copy of the marriage license and birth certificates of dependent minor children. If such evidence is not readily available, the Administrative Law Judge will determine the adequacy of substitute evidence.

(b) Adoption papers or other decrees of courts of record establishing legal responsibility for support of dependent children.

(c) If either the deceased employee or surviving spouse has been involved in divorce proceedings, copies of decrees and orders of the court should be supplied.

J. "Insurance Company's and Self-Insurer's Final Report of Injury and Statement of Total Losses - Form 130" - This form is used by insurance carriers and self-insurers to report the total losses occurring in a claim for any benefits. This form must be filed with the division as soon as final settlement is made but in no event more than 30 days from such settlement. This form shall be filed for all losses including medical only, compensation, survivor benefits, or any combination of all so as to provide complete loss information for each claim.

K. "Dependents' Benefit Order - Form 151" - This form is used by the division in all accidental death cases where no issue of liability for the death or establishment of dependency is raised and only one household of dependents is involved. The carrier indicates acceptance of liability by completing the top half of the form and filing it with the division.

L. "Medical Information Authorization - Form 046" - This form is used to release the applicant's medical records to the Commission or the chairman of a medical panel appointed by an Administrative Law Judge.

M. "Application to Change Doctors - Form 102" - This form must be used by the employee pursuant to the provisions of Rule R612-2-9 as contained herein.

N. "Employee's Notification of Intent to Leave Locality or State, and to Change Doctor or Hospital - Form 044" - As per Section 34A-2-604, this form is used by the employee and must be accompanied by the "Attending Physician's Statement - Form 043" before Commission approval can be granted. Otherwise, compensation may not be allowed.

O. "Attending Physician's Statement - Form 043" - This form must be completed by employee and his last attending physician in the state to establish the medical condition of the employee. It must be accompanied by Form 044.

P. "Compensation Agreement - Form 219" - This form is used by the parties to a workers' compensation claim to enter into an agreement as to a permanent partial impairment award, and must be submitted to the Division of Industrial Accidents for approval.

Q. "Application for Lump Sum or Advance Payment - Form 134" - This form is used by an employee to apply for a lump sum or advance payment for a permanent partial impairment award.

R. "Release to Return to Work - Form 110" - This form may be used to meet the requirements of Rule R612-2-3(D), as contained herein.

S. "Request for Copies From Claimant's File - Form 205" - This form is used to request copies from a claimant's file in the Commission with the appropriate authorized release.

T. Reemployment Program Forms

1. "Initial Assessment Report - Form 206" - This form is completed either by the self-insured employer, the workers' compensation insurance provider, or by a rehabilitation agency contracted by the employer/carrier. The report contains claimant demographics and insurance coverage details, and addresses the issue of need for vocational assistance.

2. "Request for Decision of Administrative Review - Form 207" - This form is completed when the employee wishes to contest the information/decision made by the carrier or rehabilitation agency.

3. "U.S.O.R. Rehabilitation Progress Report - Form 208A" - This form shall be requested from the Utah State Office of Rehabilitation at each stage of the reemployment process (eligibility determination, reemployment plan development/implementation and case closure) or at any interruption of the process. An Individualized Written Rehabilitation Program (USOR 5 IWRP) shall also be requested when a plan is developed. All other private rehabilitation providers shall submit a Form 206 for any plan progress, postponement, or interruption in the plan.

4. "Reemployment Plan - Form 209" - This form is used for either an original or amended work plan. The form contains the details and estimated costs in returning the injured worker to the work force.

5. "Reemployment Plan Closure Report - Form 210" - This form is submitted to the division upon completion of the reemployment plan. The closure report shall detail costs by category either by dollar amounts or time expended (only in the categories of evaluation and counseling). The report shall also contain all the details on the return to work.

6. "Application for Certification as a Reemployment Provider - Form 212" - This form is completed by rehabilitation providers who wish to be certified by the division. It contains provider demographics, Utah staff credentials, services/fees, and references.

7. "Administrative Review Determination - Form 213" - This form is used by the division to summarize the outcome of the administrative review.

U. "Medical Records - Copies - Form 302" - This form is used by a claimant to request a free copy of his/her medical records from a medical provider. This form must be signed by a staff member of the division.

V. The division may approve change of any of the above forms upon public notice. Carriers may print these forms or approved versions.


KEY: workers' compensation, time, administrative procedures, filing deadlines

Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment: [July 2, 2005]2012

Notice of Continuation: June 19, 2012

Authorizing, and Implemented or Interpreted Law: 34A-2-101 et seq.; 34A-3-101 et seq.; 34A-1-104 et seq.; 63G-4-102 et seq.


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