Editor's Note

This notice was published in the November 1, 2012, issue (Vol. 2012, No. 21) of the Utah State Bulletin.

Editor's Note: Codification Error of the Amendment to Rule R386-702, DAR No. 36247, Effective 08/08/2012

On 05/18/2012, the Bureau of Epidemiology filed an amendment to Rule R386-702, Communicable Disease Rule, under DAR No. 36247. This filing was published in the June 15, 2012, Bulletin; a Notice of Effective Date was subsequently filed, making the amendment effective on 08/08/2012. This effective date would have made the amendment to Rule R386-702 part of the September 2012 update to the Utah Administrative Code. However, the amendment was not processed with the rest of the update.

The amendment has now been processed and corrected versions of all affected files pertaining to the September update have been posted to the Division of Administrative Rules' web site. The Division regrets the error.

Questions concerning this error may be addressed to: Michael Broschinsky, Administrative Code Editor, Division of Administrative Rules by phone: 801-538-3003; by FAX: 801-359-0759; or by email: mbroschi@utah.gov

Additional Information

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For questions regarding this notice, please contact Michael Broschinsky, by phone at 801-538-3003, by FAX at 801-537-9240, or by Internet E-mail at mbroschi@utah.gov.