DAR File No. 37824

This notice was published in the August 1, 2013, issue (Vol. 2013, No. 15) of the Utah State Bulletin.

Regents (Board Of), University of Utah, Administration

Rule R805-2

Government Records Access and Management Act Procedures

Five-Year Notice of Review and Statement of Continuation

DAR File No.: 37824
Filed: 07/08/2013 09:46:52 AM


Concise explanation of the particular statutory provisions under which the rule is enacted and how these provisions authorize or require the rule:

The rule is authorized under Subsections 63A-12-104(2) and 63G-2-204(2)(d), and Section 63G-3-201. Section 63A-12-104 permits governmental entities to designate at which level the requirements of that chapter are undertaken and Subsection 63G-2-204(2)(d) permits the governmental entity to adopt rules specifying where and to whom requests for access shall be directed.

Summary of written comments received during and since the last five-year review of the rule from interested persons supporting or opposing the rule:

No written comments have been received.

Reasoned justification for continuation of the rule, including reasons why the agency disagrees with comments in opposition to the rule, if any:

The rule establishes the departments and officers within the University with primary responsibility for receiving open records requests. This information is not set forth in the Utah Code and, without this information, there is no mechanism for ensuring that records requests are submitted to the department within the University with ability to fulfill the request. Therefore, this rule should be continued.

The full text of this rule may be inspected, during regular business hours, at the Division of Administrative Rules, or at:

Regents (Board Of)
University of Utah, Administration
Room 309 PARK BLDG
SALT LAKE CITY, UT 84112-9009

Direct questions regarding this rule to:

  • Robert Payne at the above address, by phone at 801-585-7002, by FAX at 801-585-7007, or by Internet E-mail at [email protected]

Authorized by:

David Pershing, President



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