NOtices of Five-Year Expirations

Rulewriting agencies are required by law to review each of their administrative rules within five years of the date of the rule's original enactment or the date of last review (Section 63G-3-305). The Division of Administrative Rules (Division) is required to notify agencies of rules due for review at least 180 days prior to the anniversary date. If the agency finds that it will not meet the deadline for review of the rule (the five-year anniversary date), it may file a Notice of Five-Year Extension (Extension) with the Division. However, if the agency fails to file either the Five-Year Notice of Review and Statement of Continuation or the Extension by the date provide by the Division, the rule expires.

Upon expiration of the rule, the Division files a Notice of Five-Year Expiration (Expiration) to document the action. The Division is required to remove the rule from the Utah Administrative Code. The agency may no longer enforce the rule and it must follow regular rulemaking procedures to replace the rule if it is still needed.

The Division has filed Expirations for each of the rules listed below which were not reviewed in accordance with Section 63G-3-305. These rules have expired and have been removed from the Utah Administrative Code.

The expiration of administrative rules for failure to comply with the five-year review requirement is governed by Subsection 63G-3-305(8).