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This notice was published in the July 1, 2016, issue (Vol. 2016, No. 13) of the Utah State Bulletin.

Editor's Note: Incorrect Text Published for Filing No. 40448, Rule R651-602, in the June 15, 2016, Bulletin

After publication of the June 15, 2016, issue of the Utah State Bulletin, the Office of Administrative Rules was informed that incorrect rule text was published as part of the Notice of Proposed Rule for Rule R651-602 (Filing No. 40448) on page 46 of the PDF version; the online version of the incorrect filing is here: https://rules.utah.gov/publicat/bulletin/2016/20160615/40448.htm.


The correct text appears below:


R651. Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation.

R651-602. Aircraft and Powerless Flight.

R651-602-1. Landing or Taking Off of Manned Aircraft.

The landing or taking off of aircraft within the park system other than at designated lakes, reservoirs or landing areas is prohibited.


R651-602-2. Air Delivery or Pickup.

Except in emergencies, the air delivery or pickup of any person or thing without advanced permission from the park manager is prohibited.


R651-602-3. Powerless Flight Launching and Landing.

The launching or landing of gliders, hot-air balloons, hang gliders, and other devices designed to carry persons or objects through the air in powerless flight is prohibited except by Special Use Permit (see R651-608).


R651-602-4. Lakes and Reservoirs Designated as Open.

The following lakes and reservoirs are designated as open to the landing of aircraft: (1) Deer Creek; (2) Jordanelle; (3) Rockport, (4) Starvation (5) Willard Bay.


R651-602-5. Aircraft Prohibited from Landing on Lakes or Reservoirs.

Except as outlined in R651-602-2, aircraft are prohibited from landing or taking off on "designated as open" lakes or reservoirs when any one of the following conditions exists. (1) On a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or during a holiday period between May 1 to September 30; or (2) Anytime the aircraft cannot maintain a distance of at least 500 feet from any person, vessel, vehicle or structure during landing or takeoff.


R651-602-6. Aircraft on the Water Operation Requirements.

A person operating an aircraft on the water: (1) shall not approach within 500 feet of a marina, launch ramp, boat dock, vessel or a beach occupied by person(s), when using the aircraft's primary propulsion system(s); (2) shall comply with Federal Aviation Regulations, Section 91.115, Right-of-way rules: Water operations.


R651-602-7. Parks Designated Open to Gliders.

The following parks are designated as open to launching and landing powerless paragliders and hang gliders: Flight Park State Recreation Area.


R651-602-8. Operation of Unmanned Aircraft.

A person must obtain written permission from the park manager before operating an unmanned aircraft within the park system.


KEY: parks

Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment: 2016

Notice of Continuation: June 25, 2013

Authorizing, and Implemented or Interpreted Law: 79-4-501



Direct questions regarding this rule to: Tammy Wright by phone at 801-538-7359, by FAX at 801-538-7378, or by Internet E-mail at tammywright@utah.gov. Interested persons may present their views on this rule by submitting written comments no later than at 5:00 pm on 07/15/2016. This rule may become effective on: 07/22/2016.


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