Special Notice

This notice was published in the February 15, 2018, issue (Vol. 2018, No. 4) of the Utah State Bulletin.

Special Notice: Invalidation of Filing No. 42432 on Rule R895-2 in the February 1, 2018, Utah State Bulletin

The amendment filing for Rule R895-12 (Filing No. 42432 published in the February 1, 2018, Utah State Bulletin) had to be invalidated after publication because of the expiration of Rule R895-12 (Filing No. 42528 in this issue, February 15, 2018, of the Bulletin) for failure to complete a five-year notice of review and statement of continuation by the deadline of 01/30/2018.

The rule expired on 01/30/2018, however, the Department of Technology Services filed a 120-day (emergency) rule (Filing No. 42529 in this issue, February 15, 2018, of the Bulletin) on 01/30/2018 to put Rule R895-12 back into place.

Questions concerning this matter can be directed to: Nancy Lancaster, Publications Editor, at 801-538-3218 or email at nllancaster@utah.gov

Additional Information

The Portable Document Format (PDF) version of the Bulletin is the official version. The PDF version of this issue is available at https://rules.utah.gov/publicat/bull_pdf/2018/b20180215.pdf. The HTML edition of the Bulletin is a convenience copy. Any discrepancy between the PDF version and HTML version is resolved in favor of the PDF version.

For questions regarding this notice, please contact Nancy Lancaster, by phone at 801-538-3218, by FAX at 801-537-9240, or by Internet E-mail at nllancaster@utah.gov