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R27. Administrative Services, Fleet Operations.

Rule R27-10. Identification Mark for State Motor Vehicles.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

R27-10-1. Authority.

(1) Pursuant to Section 63A-9-401(5), the Department of Administrative Services is responsible for ensuring that state-owned vehicles for all departments, universities and colleges are marked as required by Section 41-1a-407. If "EX" license plates are required, the identification mark is also required, as described herein, for these agencies.

(2) Subsection 63A-9-601(1)(c) requires the Department of Administrative Services to enact rules relating to the size and design of the identification mark.

R27-10-2. Identification Mark.

(1) The identification mark shall be a likeness of the Great Seal of the State of Utah.

(a) Light/Heavy duty trucks, service vehicles and off-road equipment shall be clearly marked, on each front door, with an eight-inch seal. At the option of the entity operating the motor vehicle, the identification mark may include a banner not more than four inches high which may bear the entity's logo and such name of department or division. All identification markings must be approved by the Division of Fleet Operations prior to use.

(b) Non-law enforcement passenger vehicles shall be marked with a translucent identification sticker, four inches in diameter on the furthest rearward window in the lower most rearward corner, on each side of the of the vehicle.

(2) An identification mark shall be placed on both sides of the motor vehicle. The required portion of the identification mark (State Seal) shall be placed on in a visible location on each side of the vehicle.

(3) The requirement for the display of the identification mark is not intended to preclude other markings to identify special purpose vehicles.

(4) Vehicles used for law enforcement purposes may, at the discretion of the operating agency, display a likeness of the Great Seal of the State of Utah in the center of a gold star for identification purposes. Other emergency response vehicles are not precluded from displaying additional appropriate markings. At the option of the agency, this seal may be placed on the front door above any molding and, where practicable, below the window at least four inches. The optional banner portion of the identification mark shall be placed immediately below the State Seal portion.

(5) It is the intent of these rules that these identification marks clearly identify the vehicles as being the property of the State of Utah. Additional markings should be applied discriminately so as not to detract from that intent.

R27-10-3. License Plates.

(1) Every vehicle owned and operated or leased for the exclusive use of the state shall have placed on it a registration plate displaying the letters "EX."

(2) Plates issued to Utah Highway Patrol vehicles may bear the capital letters "UHP," a beehive logo, and the call number of the vehicle for which the plate is issued. In lieu of the identification mark herein described, the Utah Highway Patrol may use a substitute identification mark of its own specification.

R27-10-4. Exceptions.

(1) Neither the "EX" license plates nor the identification marks need be displayed on state-owned motor vehicles if:

(a) the motor vehicle is in the direct service of the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, State Auditor or State Treasurer of Utah;

(b) the motor vehicle is used in official investigative work where secrecy is essential;

(c) the motor vehicle is provided to an official as part of a compensation package allowing unlimited personal use of that vehicle; or

(d) the personal security of the occupants of the vehicle would be jeopardized if the identification mark were in place.

(2) State vehicles which meet the criteria described in Subsection R27-10-4(1) may be excused from these rules to display the identification mark and "EX" license plates. Exceptions shall be requested in writing from the Executive Director of the Department of Administrative Services and shall continue in force only so long as the use of the vehicle continues.

(3) Exceptions shall expire when vehicles are replaced. New exceptions shall be requested when new vehicles are placed in use.

(4) No motor vehicle required to display "EX" license plates shall be exempt from displaying the identification mark.

R27-10-5. Effective Date.

(1) All motor vehicles obtained or leased for use after the effective date of these rules shall display the prescribed identification mark.

(2) All passenger motor vehicles owned, leased for use or operated by the state, except as herein excepted, shall display an identification mark as required by these rules no later than two years following the effective date of this rule. Special purpose vehicles currently displaying markings other than as prescribed herein may retain such markings until the vehicle bearing them is disposed of.


motor vehicles

Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment

April 20, 2009

Notice of Continuation

September 23, 2016

Authorizing, Implemented, or Interpreted Law

41-1a-407; 63A-9-401; 63A-9-601(1)(c)

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