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R35. Administrative Services, Records Committee.

Rule R35-5. Subpoenas Issued by the Records Committee.

As in effect on October 1, 2018

Table of Contents

R35-5-1. Authority and Purpose.

In accordance with Subsection 63G-2-403(10), Utah Code, this rule intends to establish the procedures for issuing subpoenas by the State Records Committee.

R35-5-2. Subpoenas.

(1) In order to initiate a request for a subpoena, a party shall file a written request with the Committee Chair at least 16 days prior to a hearing. The request shall describe the purpose for which the subpoena is sought, and state specifically why, given that hearsay is available before the Committee, the individual being subpoenaed must be present.

(2) The Committee Chair shall review each subpoena request and grant or deny the request within three business days, based on the following considerations:

(a) a weighing of the proposed witness' testimony as material and necessary; or

(b) a weighing of the burden to the witness against the need to have the witness present.

(3) If the Committee Chair grants the request, the requesting party may obtain a subpoena form, signed, but otherwise blank, from the Executive Secretary. The requesting party shall fill out the subpoena and have it served upon the proposed witness at least seven business days prior to a hearing.

(4) A subpoenaed witness shall be entitled to witness fees and mileage reimbursement to be paid by the requesting party. Witnesses shall receive the same witness fees and mileage reimbursement allowed by law to witnesses in a state district court.

(5) A subpoenaed witness may file a motion to quash the subpoena with the Executive Secretary at least three business days prior to the hearing at which the witness has been ordered to be present, and shall simultaneously transmit a copy of that motion to the parties. Such motion shall include the reasons for quashing the subpoena, and shall be granted or denied by the Committee Chair based on the same considerations as outlined in Subsection R35-5-2(2). As part of the motion to quash, the witness must indicate whether a hearing on the motion is requested. If a hearing is requested, it shall be granted. All parties to the appeal have a right to be present at the hearing. The hearing must occur prior to the appeal hearing, and shall be heard by the Committee Chair. The hearing may be in person or by telephone, as determined by the Committee Chair. A decision on the motion to quash shall be rendered prior to the appeal hearing.

(6) If the Committee Chair denies the request for subpoena, the denial is final and unreviewable.


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July 31, 2015

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June 3, 2014

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