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R58. Agriculture and Food, Animal Industry.

Rule R58-12. Record Keeping and Carcass Identification at Meat Exempt (Custom Cut) Establishments.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

R58-12-1. Authority.

Promulgated Under Authority of Section 4-32-7.

R58-12-2. Records.

Accurate records of each animal slaughtered by its owner which enters a custom exempt meat establishment or any official meat establishment must be kept on approved "NOT FOR SALE" ticket. These records shall include:

A. The date,

B. The owner's name, address and telephone number,

C. Name and address of meat establishment,

D. Species of animal.

R58-12-3. Carcass Slaughtered at Home.

Upon receiving an animal which was slaughtered by its owner into a meat establishment, the proprietor, manager or employee of the exempt establishment shall:

A. See that the appropriate Department "NOT FOR SALE" ticket and tags are filled out:

1. One "NOT FOR SALE" ticket shall be sent into the Department. (These "NOT FOR SALE" tickets must be sent in by the 10th of the month for owner slaughtered animals received during the preceding month.)

2. One "NOT FOR SALE" ticket shall remain in the meat establishment file for at least one year.

B. "Not for Sale" tags must be affixed to each quarter of the animal. Two of these tags shall be affixed to the achilles tendon of each of the rear quarters and the two others tags shall be affixed under the flexor tendons of the forearm of each of the forequarters.

C. A legible "Not for Sale" stamp with letters at least 3/8" in height shall be applied directly on each quarter of the carcass.

R58-12-4. Uninspected Carcass.

If an uninspected carcass is found in meat establishment that has not been properly identified as required above, or as outlined for Farm Custom Slaughtered carcasses, the Commissioner of Agriculture and Food or their representative shall embargo and hold the carcass until proof of ownership has been determined.


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November 23, 2015

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August 12, 2015

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