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R70. Agriculture and Food, Regulatory Services.

Rule R70-620. Enrichment of Flour and Cereal Products.

As in effect on October 1, 2019

Table of Contents

R70-620-1. Authority.

A. Promulgated under authority of 4-6-3.

B. The Utah Department of Agriculture and Food adopts and incorporates by reference the Code of Federal Regulations, April 1, 2000 edition Title 21, parts 137 and 139, as its enrichment standards and labeling requirements governing the identity and quantity of vitamins and minerals to be added to flour and cereal manufactured or sold in Utah.

R70-620-2. Enrichment Standards.

The following flour and cereal products have identity and enrichment standards as prescribed in 21 CFR parts 137 and 139.

A. Enrichment standards for flour and cereals produced from small grain and corn include enriched bromated flour, enriched self-rising flour, instantized - instant blending and quick-making forms of the same, enriched farina, enriched cornmeals, enriched corn grits and enriched rice.

B. Food products containing 25 percent or more of flour produced from small grain and corn include enriched white bread and rolls, enriched macaroni products, enriched noodle products, enriched vegetable macaroni products, enriched vegetable noodle products, enriched macaroni products made with non-fat milk, and enriched macaroni products with fortified protein.

R70-620-3. Labeling.

A. The flour and cereal products listed in R70-620-2A and B in the above enrichment standard shall be labeled in accordance with the Code of Federal Regulation Title 21, definitions and standards of identity.

B. The unenriched counterpart of the flour and cereal products listed in R70-620-2A of the above enrichment standards may be sold at retail in Utah only if there is prominently shown on the principle display panel the word "unenriched" in type no smaller than one-half the height of the name of the product on the principle display panel.

R70-620-4. Certificate.

A. Any flour sold to a distributor or processor must be certified, assuring the seller that the flour or any flour or cereal product derived from the flour when offered for retail sale will conform to the enrichment standards and labeling requirements.

B. The required certificate shall be in the following form:


The following flour is unenriched. I hereby certify that the final product made from this flour will meet the enrichment standards prescribed for flour.

Signature and Title of Distributor or Processor

Address of Distributor or Processor


food inspection

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March 6, 2001

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August 5, 2015

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