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R70. Agriculture and Food, Regulatory Services.

Rule R70-960. Weights and Measures Fee Registration.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

R70-960-1. Authority.

Promulgated under authority of 4-9-118.

R70-960-2. Definitions of Terms.

A. Fuel dispenser means a liquid measuring device used in a multiple product dispenser (MPD) and other fuel dispensing applications. These devices are counted as individual grades per side, per hose of dispenser, including diesel.

B. Meter means a vehicle tank meter, rack meter, LPG meter, any measuring device that is mounted on a vehicle, devices mounted as a rack meter at a fuel bulk plant or refinery, and any meter that dispenses LPG at a retail establishment. Each individual meter is counted as a device.

C. Load receiving element means that element of a scale that is designed to receive the load to be weighed, for example: platform, deck, rail, hopper, platter, plate, or scoop.

D. Small scale means any load receiving element of a weighing device capable of measuring weight between 0 pounds to 999 pounds.

E. Large scale means any load receiving element of a weighing device capable of measuring weight from 1000 pounds and up.

F. Check-out register means any device that is commercially used in a price verification system at a check-out register. Included are those devices that use Universal Product Code (U.P.C.) scanners, Electronic Product Code (E. P. C.) readers, manual entries, or any current or future use of any device that could be used at the final point of sale as a means for pricing for commercial sales.

R70-960-3. Application.

This rule shall apply to commercially-used weighing or measuring instruments or devices at the final point of sale. This will include the following: fuel dispensers, meter, small scale, large scale, and check-out register.

R70-960-4. Device Registration.

A. Weighing or measuring devices used for commercial purposes in the State of Utah shall be registered annually.

B. Each separate physical location of a business establishment must register the devices at that location.

C. The Department of Agriculture and Food may seek administrative or judicial remedies to achieve compliance with the laws and rules of Weights and Measures Fee Registration.

D. New facilities registering after November 1, will be registered for the remainder of that year and the following calendar year.

R70-960-5. Device.

The Department of Agriculture and Food may permit the registration to be applicable to a replacement for an original device or any additional devices within the annual registration period.

R70-960-6. Annual Registration Period.

Annual registration applications and fees are due December 31 of each year. All registrations expire on December 31 of each year. Fees paid are nonrefundable.

R70-960-7. Registration Certificate Displayed.

Any owner or user of commercially used weighing and measuring devices may display the current annual registration for those instruments and devices or produce the certification for review upon request.

R70-960-8. Registration.

A. Registration fees are established according with Section 4-9-118. When the appropriate fee is not paid on or before January 1, the registration shall become delinquent and a penalty fee shall be added as per Section 4-1-107. Any new facilities opening between January 1 and October 31, will be required to register appropriately. New facilities registering after November 1, will be registered for the remainder of that year and the following calendar year.

B. When a registration is suspended or revoked, no part of the fees paid for a registration shall be returned to the owner or operator of a registered weights and measures establishment.



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November 2, 2004

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August 30, 2019

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