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R131. Capitol Preservation Board (State), Administration.

Rule R131-6. Board Designation of Space.

As in effect on August 1, 2019

Table of Contents

R131-6-1. Purpose.

Pursuant to Section 63C-9-301, Utah Code, this rule defines the types of space located within buildings on Capitol Hill. All Capitol Facility space(s) under the responsibility of the Board, shall be assigned by the Board for function and use.

R131-6-2. Authority.

This rule is authorized by Subsection 63C-9-301, Utah Code, directing the Board to make rules to exercise jurisdiction over such Capitol Hill facilities and grounds for which it has responsibility to administer.

R131-6-3. Definitions.

(1) "Assignable Space" means square-footage area(s), place(s), or location(s), within a Capitol Hill building/facility, or within exterior grounds, specified for distinct functions; including offices, hallways, closets, meeting rooms, lounges, restrooms, stairways and storage rooms.

(2) "Board" or "CPB" means the Capitol Preservation Board.

(3) "Building Official" means an individual designated to manage or control a building or portion of a building, or exterior grounds adjacent to a building.

(4) "Non-Assignable Space" means square-footage area(s) within a Capitol Hill building/facility or within exterior grounds, not specified for distinct functions; including utility rooms, HVAC areas, tunnels, attics, cat-walks, isolator-spaces, foundation/support locations, roofs, and unoccupied or uninhabited space(s) not designated for storage or other functions.

(5) "Storage" means such space within a building designated for warehousing of supplies or equipment or items related to official Capitol Hill functions.

R131-6-4. Space Designation.

(1) Within each building or grounds area on Capitol Hill, various spaces may be identified and recommended by the building official as suitable for a designated function. Functions assigned to such areas shall thereafter be approved by the Board.

(2) A space may not be used for a function, unless it is so designated by the Board. For example, the Board has complete control and jurisdiction of over the assignment and use of space(s) for storage purposes, within all buildings over which it has jurisdiction.

(3) Spaces not designated by the Board, for a specific function are non-assignable, and are considered unoccupied or uninhabitable space. For example, non-assignable space(s) may not be used for other functions, including storage, or other Capitol Hill activities. Accordingly:

(a) Isolator space(s) beneath the Capitol Building shall not be used for other designated functions, or intruded upon in a way that inhibits or restricts the movement of the isolators. Persons shall not accumulate materials which may act as fuel in a fire within an Isolator area.

(b) Isolator space(s) shall not be accessed by persons other than those authorized to periodically check and maintain the capitol equipment and isolators.

(c) The utility tunnel circulation space (not including the ledge) which encircles the central parking lot is only intended for normal movement of people, goods, services and equipment for purposes associated with Capitol Hill functions, and is not to be used for other functions.


storage, space, unassignable

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October 13, 2005

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July 6, 2015

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