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R277. Education, Administration.

Rule R277-528. Use of Public Education Job Enhancement Program (PEJEP) Funds.

As in effect on October 1, 2019

Table of Contents

R277-528-1. Authority and Purpose.

(1) This rule is authorized by:

(a) Article X, Section 3 of the Utah Constitution, which places general control and supervision of public education in the Board;

(b) Subsection 53E-3-401(4) which allows the Board to make rules to execute the Board's duties and responsibilities under the Utah Constitution and state;

(c) Subsection 53F-2-514(3)(c)(ii) which requires the Board to make a rule that provides for repayment of a portion of the initial payment by the teacher if the teacher fails to complete the university program with exceptions; and

(d) Subsection 53F-2-514(5)(b) which directs the Board to develop criteria for PEJEP awards.

(2) The purpose of this rule is to provide standards and procedures for ongoing participation in PEJEP.

R277-528-2. Definitions.

(1) "Council for Accreditation of Educator Preparation" or "(CAEP)" is a nationally recognized organization that accredits professional teacher education programs in institutions offering baccalaureate and graduate degrees for K-12 teachers.

(2) "PEJEP award" means an award granted to an eligible PEJEP participant pursuant to Section 53F-2-514 and R277-528.

(3) "PEJEP Participant" means a qualified teacher with an approved application pursuant to Section 53F-2-514 and R277-528;

(4) "Public Education Job Enhancement Program (PEJEP)" means the program authorized under Subsection 53F-2-514(2).

R277-528-3. PEJEP Participants.

(1) If an application is filed on behalf of a qualified teacher pursuant to Subsection 53F-2-514(3)(a) and approved by the Superintendent, the PEJEP participant shall:

(a) commit to required courses for advanced degrees and endorsements consistent with Subsection 53F-2-514(2);

(b) provide documentation annually, by October 1, to the Superintendent, demonstrating full-time employment as an educator during the previous school year;

(c) notify the Superintendent of the participant's satisfaction of the participant's four year teaching commitment as described by Subsection 53F-2-514(3); and

(d) provide required documentation to receive textbook reimbursements which will be reimbursed directly to the PEJEP participant by the Superintendent.

(2) If a PEJEP participant changes employers, leaves public education, or moves from the state, the Superintendent may require repayment or partial repayment, consistent with Subsection 53F-2-514(3).

R277-528-4. University Program Eligibility.

(1) A university program that provides licensure and endorsements in the areas outlined in Subsection 53F-2-514(2) and meets the criteria of this section shall be eligible to receive tuition reimbursement for a PEJEP participant.

(2) To be an eligible university program, the university shall:

(a) be a Utah institution of higher education;

(b) provide documentation to the Superintendent of the university's program accreditation by CAEP; and

(c) provide to the Superintendent an overview of the university's endorsement program including:

(i) program requirements and eligibility standards for participants;

(ii) a screening process for prospective participants;

(iii) course syllabi; and

(iv) a yearly evaluation of the program.

(3) The Superintendent may determine the eligibility of a university's program on an annual basis.

(4) The Superintendent shall reimburse tuition directly to an eligible university's program for a PEJEP participant.

R277-528-5. Evaluation.

(1) The Superintendent shall maintain records of PEJEP award participants.

(2) The Superintendent shall prepare an annual report for the Board that demonstrates use of PEJEP funding consistent with Section 53F-2-514 and.


educators, awards

Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment

August 19, 2019

Notice of Continuation

February 8, 2019

Authorizing, Implemented, or Interpreted Law

Art X Sec 3; 53F-2-514; 53E-3-401(4)

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