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R277. Education, Administration.

Rule R277-620. Suicide Prevention Programs.

As in effect on December 1, 2018

Table of Contents

R277-620-1. Definitions.

A. "Board" means the Utah State Board of Education.

B. "Intervention" means an effort to prevent a student from attempting suicide.

C. "LEA" means a local education agency, including local school boards/public school districts, charter schools, and, for purposes of this rule, the Utah Schools for the Deaf and the Blind.

D. "Parent notification" means a notice provided by a public school to a students' parent(s) consistent with Section 53A-11a-203(2) and 53A-11a-301(3)(e).

E. "Postvention" means mental health intervention after a suicide attempt or death to prevent or contain contagion.

F. "Program for secondary grades" means a youth suicide prevention program for students in grades 7 through 12, including grade 6 if middle or junior high school includes grade 6.

G. "State suicide prevention coordinator" means the person designated by the Department of Health - State Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health in Section 62A-15-1101.

H. "USOE" means the Utah State Office of Education.

I. "USOE suicide prevention coordinator" means person designated by the Board to oversee the youth suicide prevention programs of LEAs and who is responsible to coordinate prevention programs, services, and efforts with the state suicide prevention coordinator.

J. "Youth protection and mental health seminar" means a seminar offered for each 11,000 students enrolled in a school district to parents of students consistent with Section 53A-15-1301.

R277-620-2. Authority and Purpose.

A. This rule is authorized under Utah Constitution Article X Section 3 which vests general control and supervision of public education in the Board, and Section 53A-1-401(3) which allows the Board to adopt rules in accordance with its responsibilities.

B. The purposes of this rule are:

(1) to provide for collaboration with the Department of Health and Department of Human Services to establish, oversee, and provide model policies, programs for LEAs and training for parents about youth suicide prevention programs;

(2) to require LEAs to have and update youth protection policies; and

(3) to direct LEAs to send notice to parents and protect the confidentiality of the required parent notification record regarding bullying and suicide incidents.

R277-620-3. Board, USOE and LEA Responsibilities.

A. Board and USOE responsibilities:

(1) The USOE suicide prevention coordinator shall oversee LEA youth suicide prevention programs.

(2) The USOE, in collaboration with the Department of Health - State Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health and the state suicide prevention coordinator, shall establish model youth suicide prevention programs for LEAs that include training and resources addressing prevention of youth suicides, youth suicide intervention, and postvention for family, students and faculty.

(3) Based on legislative appropriation, the Board shall distribute funds to LEAs so that LEAs can select and implement evidenced-based practices and programs, or emerging best practices and programs, to support suicide prevention efforts in the school district or charter school.

(4) The Board shall report jointly with the state suicide prevention coordinator to the Legislature's Education Interim Committee in 2014 on:

(a) the progress of LEA programs; and

(b) the Board's coordination efforts with the Department of Health - State Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health and the state suicide prevention coordinator.

B. LEA responsibilities:

(1) LEAs shall implement youth suicide prevention programs for students in secondary grades, including grades 7 through 12 and grade 6, if grade 6 is part of a secondary grade model.

(2) The programs shall include components provided in Section 53A-15-1301(2).

(3) LEAs shall update bullying, cyber-bullying, harassment, hazing, and retaliation policy(ies) consistent with Section 53A-11a-301 and R277-613, including the required parent notification outlined in Sections 53A-11a-203(2) and 53A-11a-301(3)(e) and R277-613-4C and D.

(4) LEAs shall provide necessary reporting information consistent with Section 53A-15-1301(3) and (5) for the Board's report on the coordination of suicide prevention programs and seminar program implementation to the Legislature's Education Interim Committee.


public schools, suicide prevention programs, parent notifications, seminars

Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment

October 9, 2014

Notice of Continuation

October 5, 2018

Authorizing, Implemented, or Interpreted Law

Art X Sec 3; 53A-1-401(3)

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