Utah Administrative Code

The Utah Administrative Code is the body of all effective administrative rules as compiled and organized by the Division of Administrative Rules (see Subsection 63G-3-102(5); see also Sections 63G-3-701 and 702).

NOTE: For a list of rules that have been made effective since , please see the codification segue page.

Table of Contents for Title R307

Title R307. Environmental Quality, Air Quality.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

Download all rules in the title in a ZIP file.

  1. R307-101. General Requirements. (Download the RTF file)
  2. R307-102. General Requirements: Broadly Applicable Requirements. (Download the RTF file)
  3. R307-103. Administrative Procedures. (Download the RTF file)
  4. R307-104. Conflict of Interest. (Download the RTF file)
  5. R307-105. General Requirements: Emergency Controls. (Download the RTF file)
  6. R307-107. General Requirements: Breakdowns. (Download the RTF file)
  7. R307-110. General Requirements: State Implementation Plan. (Download the RTF file)
  8. R307-115. General Conformity. (Download the RTF file)
  9. R307-120. General Requirements: Tax Exemption for Air Pollution Control Equipment. (Download the RTF file)
  10. R307-121. General Requirements: Clean Air and Efficient Vehicle Tax Credit. (Download the RTF file)
  11. R307-122. General Requirements: Heavy Duty Vehicle Tax Credit. (Download the RTF file)
  12. R307-123. General Requirements: Clean Fuels and Vehicle Technology Grant and Loan Program. (Download the RTF file)
  13. R307-124. General Requirements: Conversion to Alternative Fuel Grant Program. (Download the RTF file)
  14. R307-125. Clean Air Retrofit, Replacement, and Off-Road Technology Program. (Download the RTF file)
  15. R307-130. General Penalty Policy. (Download the RTF file)
  16. R307-135. Enforcement Response Policy for Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act. (Download the RTF file)
  17. R307-150. Emission Inventories. (Download the RTF file)
  18. R307-165. Emission Testing. (Download the RTF file)
  19. R307-170. Continuous Emission Monitoring Program. (Download the RTF file)
  20. R307-201. Emission Standards: General Emission Standards. (Download the RTF file)
  21. R307-202. Emission Standards: General Burning. (Download the RTF file)
  22. R307-203. Emission Standards: Sulfur Content of Fuels. (Download the RTF file)
  23. R307-204. Emission Standards: Smoke Management. (Download the RTF file)
  24. R307-205. Emission Standards: Fugitive Emissions and Fugitive Dust. (Download the RTF file)
  25. R307-206. Emission Standards: Abrasive Blasting. (Download the RTF file)
  26. R307-207. Residential Fireplaces and Solid Fuel Burning Devices. (Download the RTF file)
  27. R307-208. Outdoor Wood Boilers. (Download the RTF file)
  28. R307-210. Standards of Performance for New Stationary Sources. (Download the RTF file)
  29. R307-214. National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants. (Download the RTF file)
  30. R307-220. Emission Standards: Plan for Designated Facilities. (Download the RTF file)
  31. R307-221. Emission Standards: Emission Controls for Existing Municipal Solid Waste Landfills. (Download the RTF file)
  32. R307-222. Emission Standards: Existing Incinerators for Hospital, Medical, Infectious Waste. (Download the RTF file)
  33. R307-223. Emission Standards: Existing Small Municipal Waste Combustion Units. (Download the RTF file)
  34. R307-224. Mercury Emission Standards: Coal-Fired Electric Generating Units. (Download the RTF file)
  35. R307-230. NOx Emission Limits for Natural Gas-Fired Water Heaters. (Download the RTF file)
  36. R307-250. Western Backstop Sulfur Dioxide Trading Program. (Download the RTF file)
  37. R307-301. Utah and Weber Counties: Oxygenated Gasoline Program As a Contingency Measure. (Download the RTF file)
  38. R307-302. Solid Fuel Burning Devices. (Download the RTF file)
  39. R307-303. Commercial Cooking. (Download the RTF file)
  40. R307-304. Solvent Cleaning. (Download the RTF file)
  41. R307-305. Nonattainment and Maintenance Areas for PM10: Emission Standards. (Download the RTF file)
  42. R307-306. PM10 Nonattainment and Maintenance Areas: Abrasive Blasting. (Download the RTF file)
  43. R307-307. Road Salting and Sanding. (Download the RTF file)
  44. R307-309. Nonattainment and Maintenance Areas for PM10 and PM2.5: Fugitive Emissions and Fugitive Dust. (Download the RTF file)
  45. R307-310. Salt Lake County: Trading of Emission Budgets for Transportation Conformity. (Download the RTF file)
  46. R307-311. Utah County: Trading of Emission Budgets for Transportation Conformity. (Download the RTF file)
  47. R307-312. Aggregate Processing Operations for PM2.5 Nonattainment Areas. (Download the RTF file)
  48. R307-320. Ozone Maintenance Areas and Ogden City: Employer-Based Trip Reduction Program. (Download the RTF file)
  49. R307-325. Ozone Nonattainment and Maintenance Areas: General Requirements. (Download the RTF file)
  50. R307-326. Ozone Nonattainment and Maintenance Areas: Control of Hydrocarbon Emissions in Petroleum Refineries. (Download the RTF file)
  51. R307-327. Ozone Nonattainment and Maintenance Areas: Petroleum Liquid Storage. (Download the RTF file)
  52. R307-328. Gasoline Transfer and Storage. (Download the RTF file)
  53. R307-335. Degreasing. (Download the RTF file)
  54. R307-341. Ozone Nonattainment and Maintenance Areas: Cutback Asphalt. (Download the RTF file)
  55. R307-342. Adhesives and Sealants. (Download the RTF file)
  56. R307-343. Wood Furniture Manufacturing Operations. (Download the RTF file)
  57. R307-344. Paper, Film, and Foil Coatings. (Download the RTF file)
  58. R307-345. Fabric and Vinyl Coatings. (Download the RTF file)
  59. R307-346. Metal Furniture Surface Coatings. (Download the RTF file)
  60. R307-347. Large Appliance Surface Coatings. (Download the RTF file)
  61. R307-348. Magnet Wire Coatings. (Download the RTF file)
  62. R307-349. Flat Wood Paneling Coatings. (Download the RTF file)
  63. R307-350. Miscellaneous Metal Parts and Products Coatings. (Download the RTF file)
  64. R307-351. Graphic Arts. (Download the RTF file)
  65. R307-352. Metal Container, Closure, and Coil Coatings. (Download the RTF file)
  66. R307-353. Plastic Parts Coatings. (Download the RTF file)
  67. R307-354. Automotive Refinishing Coatings. (Download the RTF file)
  68. R307-355. Aerospace Manufacture and Rework Facilities. (Download the RTF file)
  69. R307-356. Appliance Pilot Light. (Download the RTF file)
  70. R307-357. Consumer Products. (Download the RTF file)
  71. R307-361. Architectural Coatings. (Download the RTF file)
  72. R307-401. Permit: New and Modified Sources. (Download the RTF file)
  73. R307-403. Permits: New and Modified Sources in Nonattainment Areas and Maintenance Areas. (Download the RTF file)
  74. R307-405. Permits: Major Sources in Attainment or Unclassified Areas (PSD). (Download the RTF file)
  75. R307-406. Visibility. (Download the RTF file)
  76. R307-410. Permits: Emissions Impact Analysis. (Download the RTF file)
  77. R307-414. Permits: Fees for Approval Orders. (Download the RTF file)
  78. R307-415. Permits: Operating Permit Requirements. (Download the RTF file)
  79. R307-417. Permits: Acid Rain Sources. (Download the RTF file)
  80. R307-420. Permits: Ozone Offset Requirements in Davis and Salt Lake Counties. (Download the RTF file)
  81. R307-421. Permits: PM10 Offset Requirements in Salt Lake County and Utah County. (Download the RTF file)
  82. R307-424. Permits: Mercury Requirements for Electric Generating Units. (Download the RTF file)
  83. R307-501. Oil and Gas Industry: General Provisions. (Download the RTF file)
  84. R307-502. Oil and Gas Industry: Pneumatic Controllers. (Download the RTF file)
  85. R307-503. Oil and Gas Industry: Flares. (Download the RTF file)
  86. R307-504. Oil and Gas Industry: Tank Truck Loading. (Download the RTF file)
  87. R307-505. Oil and Gas Industry: Registration Requirements. (Download the RTF file)
  88. R307-506. Oil and Gas Industry: Storage Vessel. (Download the RTF file)
  89. R307-507. Oil and Gas Industry: Dehydrators. (Download the RTF file)
  90. R307-508. Oil and Gas Industry: VOC Control Devices. (Download the RTF file)
  91. R307-509. Oil and Gas Industry: Leak Detection and Repair Requirements. (Download the RTF file)
  92. R307-510. Oil and Gas Industry: Natural Gas Engine Requirements. (Download the RTF file)
  93. R307-511. Oil and Gas Industry: Associated Gas Flaring. (Download the RTF file)
  94. R307-801. Utah Asbestos Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  95. R307-840. Lead-Based Paint Program Purpose, Applicability, and Definitions. (Download the RTF file)
  96. R307-841. Residential Property and Child-Occupied Facility Renovation. (Download the RTF file)
  97. R307-842. Lead-Based Paint Activities. (Download the RTF file)

Additional Information


For questions regarding the content or application of rules under Title R307, please contact the promulgating agency. A list of agencies with links to their homepages is available at http://www.utah.gov/government/agencylist.html or from http://www.rules.utah.gov/contact/agencycontacts.htm.