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R325. Fair Corporation (Utah State), Administration.

Rule R325-2. Utah State Fair Commercial Exhibitor Rules.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

R325-2-1. Applications.

Potential exhibitors desiring a commercial, non-profit, or educational booth at the Utah State Fair shall complete and submit a commercial space application furnished by the fair with appropriate deposit.

R325-2-2. Selection of Exhibitors.

(a) Exhibit space lease agreements shall be negotiated with the Commercial Exhibits Supervisor for the use of Fairpark exhibit space on a year by year basis. Space may be awarded or declined based on a need for variety and best-use determined by the Commercial Exhibits Supervisor, executive director and/or board of directors.

(b) The Commercial Exhibit Supervisor, executive director and/or board of directors may elect to renew exhibit space lease agreements for space to those exhibitors desiring to participate in the next succeeding year's fair. Application forms for such selected exhibitors shall be made available in February. Such a renewal is conditioned upon the previous year's exhibitor's fulfillment of the exhibit space lease agreement, adherence to the rules and regulations as outlined in the Commercial Exhibitor Handbook and regardless of the number of years an exhibitor may have participated in prior Utah State Fairs.

(c) Applications from new or prior exhibitors will be accepted after March 20. The Commercial Exhibit Supervisor, executive director and/or board of directors may limit the numbers of similar types of exhibits in order to give Fairpark patrons the most appropriate variety. Such selection decisions shall be unrelated to an exhibitor's products or services involving content of speech matters.

(d) All commercial exhibit applications shall be considered and accepted on a first-come, first served basis by date received and then alphabetically.

(e) In accordance with Section 9-4-1103 (5)(ii) that the Utah State Fair Corporation seek sponsorships for the State Fairpark and for individual buildings or facilities within the Fairpark, the Utah State Fair Corporation may select and sell exclusive sponsorships which may limit commercial exhibit vendors from previous years from participating in the Fair or other times of the year during the period of such exclusive sponsorship. Sponsorships are not governed by Commercial Exhibit rules for renewing exhibitor space leases.

R325-2-3. Exhibit Space Lease Agreement.

Each exhibit space requires an Exhibit Space Lease Agreement signed by both the renter and space supervisor. The signing of the agreement with the Utah State Fair Corporation indicates the renter's acceptance of the rules governing the contract which includes the deposit and rent balance to be paid on the date designated in the contract. Failure to honor this rule is grounds for cancellation of exhibit space without refund of deposit. The Exhibit Space Lease Agreement form and rent are revised from year to year and are available at Utah State Fairpark Administration Office.

R325-2-4. Advertising Material, Petition Signing or Private Business Prohibited Without Lease Agreement.

(a) No individual, company or organization of any kind may distribute or post advertising materials, solicit signatures for petitions, pass out campaign literature or conduct business of any kind in the Fairpark without a certified exhibit space lease agreement.

(b) Exhibit space lease agreements for space during the State Fair shall not be extended to, nor be made available for the Fairpark parking areas, vehicle entrances or exit areas.

R325-2-5. Pictures or Videos.

Any pictures or videos taken during the Fair for publicity or for commercial gain must have the approval of the executive director.


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June 5, 2000

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February 23, 2016

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