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The Utah Administrative Code is the body of all effective administrative rules as compiled and organized by the Division of Administrative Rules (see Subsection 63G-3-102(5); see also Sections 63G-3-701 and 702).

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R325. Fair Corporation (Utah State), Administration.

Rule R325-5. Interim Renters Rules (Other Than Utah State Fair).

As in effect on October 1, 2019

Table of Contents

R325-5-1. Written Contracts.

Every event occuring between state fairs on Fairpark property requires a written contract, signed by both the renter/lessee (responsible party) and the executive director, or his designee, to provide for appropriate security, insurance, parking and food arrangements.

R325-5-2. Rental Agreements.

Renters shall comply with the terms of rental agreement, which constitutes a contract between the Utah State Fair Corporation and the renter. A rent shall be charged by the Utah State Fair Corporation and this shall be paid by the renter upon signing the agreement. The rent shall be subject to change upon review by the executive director at regular intervals.

R325-5-3. Trash.

A renter shall dump trash from his event in barrels provided for that purpose.

R325-5-4. Fires and Flammable Materials.

A renter shall not be allowed to build fires or bring flammable materials into the Fairpark without written permission from the fairpark management (except fuel in a vehicle and other normal items for interim event use).

R325-5-5. Restricted Areas.

A renter shall avoid fairpark storage areas and other locations on the fairpark where he has no need or authority to be. The renter shall not trespass in buildings which are not a part of his event, even if the buildings are unlocked.

R325-5-6. Loading and Unloading.

Unloading and loading shall be done by the renter before or after the hours of the event.

R325-5-7. Liquor.

The renter shall comply with and be familiar with Salt Lake City ordinances with respect to intoxicating liquor and dance halls.

R325-5-8. Food and Beverages.

The Utah State Fair Corporation retains the rights to all parking, food and beverage concessions. No beer, soft drinks or food are allowed in the fairpark for use at an event, nor is the sale of food or beverages at interim events allowed without the written permission of the fairpark management and Western Food Services, Inc., the authorized food concessionaire at the fairpark.

R325-5-9. Traffic on Roads.

The renter shall observe all traffic signs and the fairpark speed limit of ten miles-per-hour.

R325-5-10. Property Removal.

A renter shall not remove Utah State Fair Corporation's property from the buildings and grounds. Flowers and garden crops shall not be removed without permission from fairpark management.

R325-5-11. Horses.

A horse barn renter shall be allowed to exercise horses in the warm-up ring areas only and then only at the discretion of Fairpark management.

R325-5-12. Jordan River Parkway Gate Access.

The Utah State Fair Corporation shall provide access to the Jordan River Parkway at gate #15 (west side) of the fairpark for entrance to the equestrian trail and the renter may check with fairpark security for gate opening and closing times.

R325-5-13. Neglected Animals.

The Utah State Fair Corporation reserves the right to contact the Utah State Department of Agriculture if it appears that a renter's animals stabled in the fairpark are neglected.

R325-5-14. Pictures or Videos.

Any pictures or videos taken in the Fairpark for publicity or for commercial gain must have the approval of the executive director, also known as President/CEO.

R325-5-15. Unauthorized Advertising Material, Petition Signing or Private Business Prohibited Inside Leased Facilities.

No individual, company or organization of any kind may distribute or post advertising materials, solicit signatures for petitions, pass out campaign literature or conduct business of any kind before, during or after an event inside an event facility, without first obtaining permission from event facility renter/lessee.

R325-5-16. Advertising Material, Petition Signing or Private Business Prohibited on Fairpark Property.

No individual, company or organization of any kind may distribute or post advertising materials, solicit signatures for petitions, pass out campaign literature or conduct business of any kind on Fairpark property between state fairs without an authorized event rental agreement.

R325-5-17. Smoke-Free Policy.

In accordance with the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act, all indoor facilities will be smoke free.

No refund of admission, ticketed events or rent will be issued as a result of this policy.


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August 9, 2010

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February 23, 2016

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