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R357. Governor, Economic Development.

Rule R357-23. Business Expansion and Retention Initiative.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

R357-23-101. Title.

This rule is known as the "Business and Expansion and Retention Initiative Rule."

R357-23-102. Definitions.

In addition to the definitions in Title 63N, Chapter 3, Section 104.5 as defined or used in this rule:

(1) "BEAR" means the Business Expansion and Retention Initiative program.

(2) "Benchmarks" means the points of reference in measuring, tracking and evaluating the performance of a project and the impact on economic development.

(3) "Board" means the Governor's Rural Partnership Board created in Section 63C-10-102.

(4) "Project" means outreach and information gathering efforts, as outlined in Subsection 63N-3-104.5(7)(a), or other activities approved by the administrator under Subsection R357-22-106.

R357-23-103. Authority.

This rule is adopted by the office under the authority of Subsection 63N-3-104.5(5)(c).

R357-23-104. Content of Application.

(1) The following content shall, at minimum, be included in each application for participation in BEAR:

(a) company name;

(b) contact information including:

(i) applicants' physical address;

(ii) telephone number; and

(iii) email address.

(c) if the applicant is a registered vendor with that State of Utah documentation of the vendor number.

(d) copy of a current W-9 form;

(e) evidence that the applicant qualifies as a "rural economic development entity" as defined in Subsection 63N-3-104.5 (1) (b);

(f) executive summary of the proposed project that clearly establishes the primary activity of the project and how the project will:

(i) assist new and existing rural businesses;

(ii) influence rural job creation;

(iii) diversify Utah's rural economies;

(g) the benchmarks of the proposed project and how they will be measured, tracked and reported;

(h) amount of grant funding requested;

(i) list of all entities associated with the proposed project and their anticipated roles;

(j) letters of support from all entities associated with the proposed project;

(k) additional funding sources associated with the proposed project;

(l) timeline of the proposed project; and

(m) detailed budget of the proposed project.

(3) The office will use a scoring system to enable the Board and the Office to analyze the awarding of grants and grant amounts. The scoring system will be made available in the instructions to the application.

R357-23-105. Verification.

(1) Participation in the application process and approval to participate in BEAR do not guarantee grant funding.

(2) The office shall verify that all benchmarks have been satisfied prior to an economic development entity receiving a grant.

R357-23-106. Other Activities Approved by the Administrator.

Other activities approved by the Administrator include economic development:

(1) planning;

(2) plan implementation;

(3) strategic studies;

(4) revitalization projects;

(5) regional initiatives support;

(6) training, education and cultivation;

(7) seminars and summits; or

(8) other activities if approved by the Board and the Administrator.


business expansion and retention, economic development

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October 11, 2018

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