Utah Administrative Code

The Utah Administrative Code is the body of all effective administrative rules as compiled and organized by the Division of Administrative Rules (see Subsection 63G-3-102(5); see also Sections 63G-3-701 and 702).

NOTE: For a list of rules that have been made effective since , please see the codification segue page.

Table of Contents for Title R414

Title R414. Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage and Reimbursement Policy.

As in effect on October 1, 2019

Download all rules in the title in a ZIP file.

  1. R414-1. Utah Medicaid Program. (Download the RTF file)
  2. R414-1A. Medicaid Policy for Experimental, Investigational or Unproven Medical Practices. (Download the RTF file)
  3. R414-1B. Payment for Limited Abortion Services. (Download the RTF file)
  4. R414-2A. Inpatient Hospital Services. (Download the RTF file)
  5. R414-3A. Outpatient Hospital Services. (Download the RTF file)
  6. R414-7A. Medicaid Certification of New Nursing Facilities. (Download the RTF file)
  7. R414-8. Electronic Personal Medical Records for the Medicaid Program. (Download the RTF file)
  8. R414-9. Federally Qualified Health Centers and Rural Health Clinics. (Download the RTF file)
  9. R414-10. Physician Services. (Download the RTF file)
  10. R414-10A. Transplant Services Standards. (Download the RTF file)
  11. R414-11. Podiatric Services. (Download the RTF file)
  12. R414-14. Home Health Services. (Download the RTF file)
  13. R414-14A. Hospice Care. (Download the RTF file)
  14. R414-15. Residents Personal Needs Fund. (Download the RTF file)
  15. R414-19A. Coverage for Dialysis Services by an End Stage Renal Disease Facility. (Download the RTF file)
  16. R414-21. Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy. (Download the RTF file)
  17. R414-22. Administrative Sanction Procedures and Regulations. (Download the RTF file)
  18. R414-23. Provider Enrollment. (Download the RTF file)
  19. R414-27. Medicaid Enrollment Process for Nursing Care Facilities. (Download the RTF file)
  20. R414-29. Client Review/Education and Restriction Policy. (Download the RTF file)
  21. R414-31. Inpatient Psychiatric Services for Individuals Under Age 21. (Download the RTF file)
  22. R414-32. Hospital Record-keeping Policy. (Download the RTF file)
  23. R414-33D. Targeted Case Management for Individuals with Serious Mental Illness. (Download the RTF file)
  24. R414-36. Rehabilitative Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services. (Download the RTF file)
  25. R414-38. Personal Care Services. (Download the RTF file)
  26. R414-40. Private Duty Nursing Service. (Download the RTF file)
  27. R414-42. Telemedicine. (Download the RTF file)
  28. R414-49. Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and Orthodontia. (Download the RTF file)
  29. R414-52. Optometry Services. (Download the RTF file)
  30. R414-53. Eyeglasses Services. (Download the RTF file)
  31. R414-54. Speech-Language Pathology Services. (Download the RTF file)
  32. R414-59. Audiology Services. (Download the RTF file)
  33. R414-60. Medicaid Policy for Pharmacy Program. (Download the RTF file)
  34. R414-60A. Drug Utilization Review Board. (Download the RTF file)
  35. R414-60B. Preferred Drug List. (Download the RTF file)
  36. R414-61. Home and Community-Based Services Waivers. (Download the RTF file)
  37. R414-70. Medical Supplies, Durable Medical Equipment, and Prosthetic Devices. (Download the RTF file)
  38. R414-71. Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment Program. (Download the RTF file)
  39. R414-90. Diabetes Self-Management Training. (Download the RTF file)
  40. R414-100. Medicaid Primary Care Network Services. (Download the RTF file)
  41. R414-140. Choice of Health Care Delivery Program. (Download the RTF file)
  42. R414-200. Non-Traditional Medicaid Health Plan Services. (Download the RTF file)
  43. R414-301. Medicaid General Provisions. (Download the RTF file)
  44. R414-302. Eligibility Requirements. (Download the RTF file)
  45. R414-303. Coverage Groups. (Download the RTF file)
  46. R414-304. Income and Budgeting. (Download the RTF file)
  47. R414-305. Resources. (Download the RTF file)
  48. R414-306. Program Benefits and Date of Eligibility. (Download the RTF file)
  49. R414-307. Eligibility for Home and Community-Based Services Waivers. (Download the RTF file)
  50. R414-308. Application, Eligibility Determinations and Improper Medical Assistance. (Download the RTF file)
  51. R414-309. Medicare Drug Benefit Low-Income Subsidy Determination. (Download the RTF file)
  52. R414-310. Medicaid Primary Care Network Demonstration Waiver. (Download the RTF file)
  53. R414-311. Targeted Adult Medicaid. (Download the RTF file)
  54. R414-312. Adult Expansion Medicaid. (Download the RTF file)
  55. R414-320. Medicaid Health Insurance Flexibility and Accountability Demonstration Waiver. (Download the RTF file)
  56. R414-401. Nursing Care Facility Assessment. (Download the RTF file)
  57. R414-501. Preadmission Authorization, Retroactive Authorization, and Continued Stay Review. (Download the RTF file)
  58. R414-502. Nursing Facility Levels of Care. (Download the RTF file)
  59. R414-503. Preadmission Screening and Resident Review. (Download the RTF file)
  60. R414-504. Nursing Facility Payments. (Download the RTF file)
  61. R414-505. Participation in the Nursing Facility Non-State Government-Owned Upper Payment Limit Program. (Download the RTF file)
  62. R414-506. Hospital Provider Assessments. (Download the RTF file)
  63. R414-507. Ground Ambulance Service Provider Assessments. (Download the RTF file)
  64. R414-508. Requirements for Transfer of Bed Licenses. (Download the RTF file)
  65. R414-510. Intermediate Care Facility for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities Transition Program and Education. (Download the RTF file)
  66. R414-511. Medicaid Accountable Care Organization Incentives to Appropriately Use Emergency Room Services. (Download the RTF file)
  67. R414-512. Use of Extrapolation in Provider Audits. (Download the RTF file)
  68. R414-513. Intergovernmental Transfers. (Download the RTF file)
  69. R414-514. Requirements for Moratorium Exception. (Download the RTF file)
  70. R414-515. Long Term Acute Care. (Download the RTF file)
  71. R414-516. Nursing Facility Non-State Government-Owned Upper Payment Limit Quality Improvement Program. (Download the RTF file)
  72. R414-517. Inpatient Hospital Provider Assessments. (Download the RTF file)
  73. R414-519. Settings for Home and Community-Based Services. (Download the RTF file)
  74. R414-520. Admission Criteria for Medically Complex Children's Waiver. (Download the RTF file)
  75. R414-521. Accountable Care Organization Hospital Report. (Download the RTF file)
  76. R414-522. Electronic Visit Verification Requirements for Personal Care and Home Health Care Services. (Download the RTF file)

Additional Information


For questions regarding the content or application of rules under Title R414, please contact the promulgating agency. A list of agencies with links to their homepages is available at http://www.utah.gov/government/agencylist.html or from http://www.rules.utah.gov/contact/agencycontacts.htm.