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R432. Health, Family Health and Preparedness, Licensing.

Rule R432-32. Licensing Exemption for Non-Profit Volunteer End-of-Life Care.

As in effect on August 1, 2019

Table of Contents

R432-32-1. Purpose and Authority.

This rule establishes the exemption from licensure requirements for non-profit facilities that provide volunteer end-of-life care pursuant to Utah Code Section 26-21-7(6).

R432-32-2. Requirements for Designation as a Non-Profit Facility Providing End-of-Life Care Using Only Volunteers.

A non-profit facility that provides end-of-life care using only volunteers is exempt from licensure if it meets all of the following requirements:

(1) The facility operates as a non-profit facility with a board of trustees to oversee its direction and operation.

(2) No more than six unrelated individuals reside in the facility.

(3) The residents of the facility do not pay for room or board.

(4) Each facility resident has a terminal illness and contracts with a licensed hospice agency to receive medical care.

(5) There is no direct compensation for direct care staff at the facility; however, administrative staff to coordinate volunteer staff may be compensated.

(6) Each resident signs an admission agreement that:

(a) indicates the level of service to be provided by volunteers;

(b) provides notice that the facility is not a regulated health care facility under Title 26, Chapter 21.

(c) provides procedures to report grievances to the Board of Directors

(8) The facility screens each staff, including volunteer staff, for criminal convictions through the Department of Public Safety and no staff serves who has a conviction for any of the crimes identified in R432-35-4.

(9) The facility provides in-service training on the reporting requirements for adult abuse, neglect and exploitation to each staff, including volunteer staff.

(10) Each resident has a self-directed medical care plan for end-of-life treatment decisions.

(11) The facility provides each resident a form for a Physician Order for Life-Sustaining Treatment.

(12) The facility complies with local zoning, health and fire inspection requirements.

(13) The facility offers adult immunizations for staff and residents as required in R432-40.

(14) The facility has an infection control program, which includes universal precautions, reporting communicable diseases, and OSHA standards.


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September 1, 2004

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April 1, 2019

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