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R527. Human Services, Recovery Services.

Rule R527-301. Non-IV-D Income Withholding.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

R527-301-1. Authority and Purpose.

1. The Office of Recovery Services is authorized to adopt, amend, and enforce rules as necessary by Section 62A-11-107.

2. The purpose of this rule is to provide information about the requirements of the Office of Recovery Services in regards to Non-IV-D Income Withholding. The rule states who can request income withholding and the proper procedures to pursue income withholding.

R527-301-2. Responsibility of the Office of Recovery Services.

The responsibilities of the Office of Recovery Services in regard to Non-IV-D Income Withholding are limited to receiving the income withholding, processing the payment, issuing a payment to the custodial parent, and maintaining a payment record. Modifications to the support order or withholding amounts are the responsibility of the parents.

R527-301-3. Child Support Order Does Not Require Immediate Income Withholding.

Either party to the support order may pursue income withholding by filing for an Order/Notice to Withhold in the court, by applying for IV-D child support enforcement services, or by receiving IV-A assistance.

R527-301-4. Collection of Child Care Expenses Through Income Withholding.

Child care expenses shall not be collected through Non-IV-D Income Withholding.

R527-301-5. Enforcement of Notice to Withhold When Payor Fails to Comply.

If a payor fails to comply with the Notice to Withhold, either the custodial parent or the non-custodial parent may proceed with judicial action against the employer to enforce the Notice to Withhold and to obtain a judgment in accordance with Subsections 62A-11-506 (1)(f), (j) and (k).

R527-301-6. Modification of Income Withholding Amount.

If the Notice to Withhold needs to be modified for any reason, the parent must apply for IV-D services or file for an Order/Notice to Withhold in the court that issued the support order.

R527-301-7. Custodial Parent's Failure to Keep Office Notified of Mailing Address.

The office shall hold income withholding payments for 60 calendar days after the office determines that the custodial parent's address is unknown. During this 60-day period, the office shall make one attempt to locate the custodial parent, using resources available to the office. If the custodial parent's address is still unknown at the end of 60 calendar days, the office shall refund the support to the non-custodial parent. The support shall not accrue interest during the time it is being held to locate the custodial parent.

R527-301-8. Termination of Income Withholding.

At any time after the date income withholding begins, a party to the child support order may request a judicial hearing to determine whether income withholding should be terminated. If the court orders that income withholding should be terminated, the obligee will provide written notice of termination to each payor of income.


child support

Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment

October 1, 2009

Notice of Continuation

December 15, 2017

Authorizing, Implemented, or Interpreted Law

62A-11-107; 62A-11-502; 62A-11-504; 62A-11-506; 62A-11-508

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