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R527. Human Services, Recovery Services.

Rule R527-305. High-Volume, Automated Administrative Enforcement in Interstate Child Support Cases.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

R527-305-1. Authority.

1. The Department of Human Services is authorized to create rules necessary for the provision of social services by Section 62A-11-107. Section 62A-11-111 provides for collection with liens and the disposition of property acquired by the department.

2. This rule establishes procedures for High-Volume, Automated Administrative Enforcement in Interstate child support cases pursuant to Section 62A-11-305, and Subsection 466(a)(14) of the Social Security Act.

R527-305-2. Purpose.

The purpose of this rule is to provide procedures for the Office of Recovery Services/Child Support Services (ORS/CSS), when a request is received from a IV-D child support agency of another state for high-volume, automated administrative enforcement of support orders.

R527-305-3. Definitions.

1. "Requesting State" means the state sending an administrative interstate enforcement request to the assisting state.

2. "Assisting State" means the state matching the requesting state's delinquent obligors against databases and, if appropriate, seizing assets on behalf of the requesting state.

3. "High-Volume, Automated Administrative Enforcement in Interstate Cases" means the use of automated data processing to search the assisting state's databases to determine whether information is available regarding parents who owe child support in the requesting state, and the seizure of identified assets, if appropriate, using the same techniques as used in intrastate cases.

4. "IV-D agency" means an agency authorized by Title IV, Section D of the Social Security Act to administer child support services and collections.

R527-305-4. Procedures for High-Volume, Automated Administrative Enforcement of Interstate Referrals.

The procedures below apply whenever ORS/CSS receives a request for high-volume, automated administrative enforcement of interstate cases from another state's IV-D agency.

1. Another state may transmit a request for automated administrative enforcement of support orders to ORS/CSS by electronic or other means. The requesting state may transmit a single high-volume referral that includes multiple requests.

2. A request for automated administrative interstate enforcement shall not be considered a transfer of the cases referred to the ORS/CSS caseload.

3. ORS/CSS will conduct a match of the referral data against Utah state databases to which it has access to determine if information regarding the obligor is available. ORS/CSS will notify the requesting state of the results of the search.

4. ORS/CSS will give an automated administrative interstate enforcement request the same priority it gives to a regular interstate case referred by another state for collection services or establishment, modification, or registration of an order.


child support, interstate

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April 21, 2008

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December 15, 2017

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