Utah Administrative Code

The Utah Administrative Code is the body of all effective administrative rules as compiled and organized by the Division of Administrative Rules (see Subsection 63G-3-102(5); see also Sections 63G-3-701 and 702).

NOTE: For a list of rules that have been made effective since , please see the codification segue page.

Table of Contents for Title R590

Title R590. Insurance, Administration.

As in effect on October 1, 2019

Download all rules in the title in a ZIP file.

  1. R590-67. Proxy Solicitations and Consent and Authorization of Stockholders of Domestic Stock Insurers. (Download the RTF file)
  2. R590-68. Insider Trading of Equity Securities of Domestic Stock Insurance Companies. (Download the RTF file)
  3. R590-70. Insurance Holding Companies. (Download the RTF file)
  4. R590-76. Health Maintenance Organizations and Limited Health Plans. (Download the RTF file)
  5. R590-79. Life Insurance Disclosure Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  6. R590-83. Unfair Discrimination on the Basis of Sex or Marital Status. (Download the RTF file)
  7. R590-85. Individual Accident and Health Insurance and Individual and Group Medicare Supplement Rates. (Download the RTF file)
  8. R590-88. Prohibited Transactions Between Producers And Unauthorized Multiple Employer Trusts. (Download the RTF file)
  9. R590-91. Credit Life Insurance and Credit Accident and Health Insurance. (Download the RTF file)
  10. R590-93. Replacement of Life Insurance and Annuities. (Download the RTF file)
  11. R590-94. Rule Permitting Smoker/Nonsmoker Mortality Tables For Use In Determining Minimum Reserve Liabilities and Nonforfeiture Benefits. (Download the RTF file)
  12. R590-95. Rule to Permit the Same Minimum Nonforfeiture Standards for Men and Women Insureds Under the 1980 CSO and 1980 CET Mortality Tables. (Download the RTF file)
  13. R590-96. Rule to Recognize New Annuity Mortality Tables for Use in Determining Reserve Liabilities for Annuities. (Download the RTF file)
  14. R590-98. Unfair Practice in Payment of Life Insurance and Annuity Policy Values. (Download the RTF file)
  15. R590-102. Insurance Department Fee Payment Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  16. R590-103. Security Deposits. (Download the RTF file)
  17. R590-108. Interest Rate During Grace Period or Upon Reinstatement of Policy. (Download the RTF file)
  18. R590-114. Letters of Credit. (Download the RTF file)
  19. R590-116. Valuation of Assets. (Download the RTF file)
  20. R590-117. Valuation of Liabilities. (Download the RTF file)
  21. R590-120. Surety Bond Forms. (Download the RTF file)
  22. R590-121. Rate Modification Plan Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  23. R590-122. Permissible Arbitration Provisions. (Download the RTF file)
  24. R590-124. Loss Information Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  25. R590-126. Accident and Health Insurance Standards. (Download the RTF file)
  26. R590-127. Rate Filing Exemptions. (Download the RTF file)
  27. R590-128. Unfair Discrimination Based on the Failure to Maintain Automobile Insurance. (Revised.. (Download the RTF file)
  28. R590-129. Unfair Discrimination Based Solely Upon Blindness or Physical or Mental Impairment. (Download the RTF file)
  29. R590-130. Rules Governing Advertisements of Insurance. (Download the RTF file)
  30. R590-131. Accident and Health Coordination of Benefits Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  31. R590-132. Insurance Treatment of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection. (Download the RTF file)
  32. R590-133. Variable Contracts. (Download the RTF file)
  33. R590-140. Reference Filings of Rate Service Organization Prospective Loss Costs. (Download the RTF file)
  34. R590-142. Continuing Education Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  35. R590-143. Life And Health Reinsurance Agreements. (Download the RTF file)
  36. R590-144. Commercial Aviation Insurance Exemption From Rate and Form Filing. (Download the RTF file)
  37. R590-146. Medicare Supplement Insurance Standards. (Download the RTF file)
  38. R590-147. Annual and Quarterly Statement Filing Instructions. (Download the RTF file)
  39. R590-148. Long-Term Care Insurance Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  40. R590-149. Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Grievance Procedures. (Download the RTF file)
  41. R590-150. Commissioner's Acceptance of Examination Reports. (Download the RTF file)
  42. R590-151. Records Access Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  43. R590-152. Health Discount Programs and Value Added Benefit Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  44. R590-154. Unfair Marketing Practices Rule; Misleading Names. (Download the RTF file)
  45. R590-155. Utah Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Summary Document. (Download the RTF file)
  46. R590-157. Surplus Lines Insurance Premium Tax and Stamping Fee. (Download the RTF file)
  47. R590-160. Adjudicative Proceedings. (Download the RTF file)
  48. R590-161. Disability Income Policy Disclosure. (Download the RTF file)
  49. R590-162. Actuarial Opinion and Memorandum Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  50. R590-164. Uniform Health Billing Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  51. R590-166. Home Protection Service Contract Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  52. R590-167. Individual, Small Employer, and Group Health Benefit Plan Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  53. R590-170. Fiduciary and Trust Account Obligations. (Download the RTF file)
  54. R590-171. Surplus Lines Procedures Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  55. R590-173. Credit For Reinsurance. (Download the RTF file)
  56. R590-176. Health Benefit Plan Enrollment. (Download the RTF file)
  57. R590-177. Life Insurance Illustrations Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  58. R590-178. Securities Custody. (Download the RTF file)
  59. R590-181. Yankee Bond Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  60. R590-182. Risk Based Capital Instructions. (Download the RTF file)
  61. R590-186. Bail Bond Business. (Download the RTF file)
  62. R590-190. Unfair Property, Liability and Title Claims Settlement Practices Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  63. R590-191. Unfair Life Insurance Claims Settlement Practices Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  64. R590-192. Unfair Accident and Health Claims Settlement Practices. (Download the RTF file)
  65. R590-194. Coverage of Dietary Products for Inborn Errors of Amino Acid or Urea Cycle Metabolism. (Download the RTF file)
  66. R590-196. Bail Bond Surety Fee Standards, Collateral Standards, and Disclosure Form. (Download the RTF file)
  67. R590-197. Treatment of Guaranty Association Assessments as Qualified Assets. (Download the RTF file)
  68. R590-198. Valuation of Life Insurance Policies Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  69. R590-199. Plan of Orderly Withdrawal Rule Relating to Health Benefit Plans. (Download the RTF file)
  70. R590-200. Diabetes Treatment and Management. (Download the RTF file)
  71. R590-203. Health Grievance Review Process. (Download the RTF file)
  72. R590-206. Privacy of Consumer Financial and Health Information Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  73. R590-207. Health Producer Commissions for Small Employer Groups. (Download the RTF file)
  74. R590-208. Uniform Application for Certificates of Authority. (Download the RTF file)
  75. R590-210. Privacy of Consumer Information Exemption for Manufacturer Warranties and Service Contracts. (Download the RTF file)
  76. R590-215. Permissible Arbitration Provisions for Individual and Group Health Insurance. (Download the RTF file)
  77. R590-216. Standards for Safeguarding Customer Information. (Download the RTF file)
  78. R590-219. Credit Scoring. (Download the RTF file)
  79. R590-220. Submission of Accident and Health Insurance Filings. (Download the RTF file)
  80. R590-222. Life Settlements. (Download the RTF file)
  81. R590-223. Rule to Recognize the 2001 CSO Mortality Table for Use in Determining Minimum Reserve Liabilities and Nonforfeiture Benefits. (Download the RTF file)
  82. R590-225. Submission of Property and Casualty Rate and Form Filings. (Download the RTF file)
  83. R590-226. Submission of Life Insurance Filings. (Download the RTF file)
  84. R590-227. Submission of Annuity Filings. (Download the RTF file)
  85. R590-228. Submission of Credit Life and Credit Accident and Health Insurance Form and Rate Filings. (Download the RTF file)
  86. R590-229. Annuity Disclosure. (Download the RTF file)
  87. R590-230. Suitability in Annuity Transactions. (Download the RTF file)
  88. R590-231. Workers' Compensation Market of Last Resort. (Download the RTF file)
  89. R590-232. Authorization for a Health Maintenance Organization to Provide Services as Third Party Administrator of Health Care Benefits. (Download the RTF file)
  90. R590-233. Health Benefit Plan Insurance Standards. (Download the RTF file)
  91. R590-235. Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. (Download the RTF file)
  92. R590-237. Access to Health Care Providers in Rural Counties. (Download the RTF file)
  93. R590-238. Captive Insurance Companies. (Download the RTF file)
  94. R590-239. Exemption of Student Health Centers From Insurance Code. (Download the RTF file)
  95. R590-240. Procedure to Obtain Exemption of Student Health Programs From Insurance Code. (Download the RTF file)
  96. R590-241. Rule to Recognize the Preferred Mortality Tables for Use in Determining Minimum Reserve Liabilities. (Download the RTF file)
  97. R590-242. Military Sales Practices. (Download the RTF file)
  98. R590-243. Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance Coverage. (Download the RTF file)
  99. R590-244. Individual and Agency Licensing Requirements. (Download the RTF file)
  100. R590-245. Self-Service Storage Insurance. (Download the RTF file)
  101. R590-246. Professional Employer Organization (PEO) License Application Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  102. R590-247. Universal Health Insurance Application Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  103. R590-248. Mandatory Fraud Reporting Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  104. R590-249. Secondary Medical Condition Exclusion. (Download the RTF file)
  105. R590-250. PEO Assurance Organization Designation. (Download the RTF file)
  106. R590-251. Preneed Life Insurance Minimum Standards For Determining Reserve Liabilities And Nonforfeiture Values Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  107. R590-252. Use of Senior-Specific Certifications and Professional Designations. (Download the RTF file)
  108. R590-254. Annual Financial Reporting Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  109. R590-258. Email Address Requirement. (Download the RTF file)
  110. R590-259. Dependent Coverage to Age 26. (Download the RTF file)
  111. R590-260. Utah Defined Contribution Risk Adjuster Plan of Operation. (Download the RTF file)
  112. R590-261. Health Benefit Plan Adverse Benefit Determinations. (Download the RTF file)
  113. R590-262. Health Data Authority Health Insurance Claims Reporting. (Download the RTF file)
  114. R590-264. Property and Casualty Actuarial Opinion Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  115. R590-265. Hazardous Financial Condition Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  116. R590-266. Utah Essential Health Benefits Package. (Download the RTF file)
  117. R590-267. Personal Injury Protection Relative Value Study Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  118. R590-268. Small Employer Stop-Loss Insurance. (Download the RTF file)
  119. R590-269. Individual Open Enrollment Period. (Download the RTF file)
  120. R590-270. Risk Adjustment Data Submission Requirements. (Download the RTF file)
  121. R590-271. Data Reporting for Consumer Quality Comparison. (Download the RTF file)
  122. R590-272. Commission Compensation Reporting. (Download the RTF file)
  123. R590-273. Continuing Care Provider Rule. (Download the RTF file)
  124. R590-274. Submission and Required Disclosures of Public Adjuster Contracts. (Download the RTF file)
  125. R590-275. Qualified Health Plan Alternate Enrollment. (Download the RTF file)
  126. R590-276. Record Retention for Foreign Insurers, Alien Insurers, Commercially Domiciled Insurers, Foreign Title Insurers and Foreign Fraternals. (Download the RTF file)
  127. R590-277. Managed Care Health Benefit Plan Policy Standards. (Download the RTF file)
  128. R590-278. Consent Requests Under 18 USC 1033(e)(2). (Download the RTF file)
  129. R590-279. Rule Designating Fraud Division Offices as a Secured Area. (Download the RTF file)
  130. R590-280. Counting Short-Term Funds. (Download the RTF file)
  131. R590-281. License Applications Submitted by Individuals Who Have a Criminal Conviction. (Download the RTF file)

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