Utah Administrative Code

The Utah Administrative Code is the body of all effective administrative rules as compiled and organized by the Division of Administrative Rules (see Subsection 63G-3-102(5); see also Sections 63G-3-701 and 702).

NOTE: For a list of rules that have been made effective since , please see the codification segue page.

Table of Contents for Title R645

Title R645. Natural Resources; Oil, Gas and Mining; Coal.

As in effect on October 1, 2019

Download all rules in the title in a ZIP file.

  1. R645-100. Administrative: Introduction. (Download the RTF file)
  2. R645-101. Restrictions on State Employees. (Download the RTF file)
  3. R645-102. Exemption for Coal Extraction Incident to Government-Financed Highway or Other Construction. (Download the RTF file)
  4. R645-103. Areas Unsuitable for Coal Mining and Reclamation Operations. (Download the RTF file)
  5. R645-104. Protection of Employees. (Download the RTF file)
  6. R645-105. Blaster Training, Examination and Certification. (Download the RTF file)
  7. R645-106. Exemption for Coal Extraction Incidental to the Extraction of Other Minerals. (Download the RTF file)
  8. R645-200. Coal Exploration: Introduction. (Download the RTF file)
  9. R645-201. Coal Exploration: Requirements for Exploration Approval. (Download the RTF file)
  10. R645-202. Coal Exploration: Compliance Duties. (Download the RTF file)
  11. R645-203. Coal Exploration: Public Availability of Information. (Download the RTF file)
  12. R645-300. Coal Mine Permitting: Administrative Procedures. (Download the RTF file)
  13. R645-301. Coal Mine Permitting: Permit Application Requirements. (Download the RTF file)
  14. R645-302. Coal Mine Permitting: Special Categories and Areas of Mining. (Download the RTF file)
  15. R645-303. Coal Mine Permitting: Change, Renewal, and Transfer, Assignment, or Sale of Permit Rights. (Download the RTF file)
  16. R645-400. Inspection and Enforcement: Division Authority and Procedures. (Download the RTF file)
  17. R645-401. Inspection and Enforcement: Civil Penalties. (Download the RTF file)
  18. R645-402. Inspection and Enforcement: Individual Civil Penalties. (Download the RTF file)
  19. R645-403. Alternative Enforcement. (Download the RTF file)

Additional Information


For questions regarding the content or application of rules under Title R645, please contact the promulgating agency. A list of agencies with links to their homepages is available at http://www.utah.gov/government/agencylist.html or from http://www.rules.utah.gov/contact/agencycontacts.htm.