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R651. Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation.

Rule R651-412. Curriculum Standards for OHV Education Programs Offered by Non-Division Entities.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

R651-412-1. Rulemaking Authority.

Section 41-22-31 UCA states that the Board shall develop curriculum standards for a comprehensive OHV education program designed to instill the necessary knowledge, attitudes, skills necessary for safe OHV operation, and that the Division shall cooperate with the appropriate public and private organizations in the implementation of this program.

R651-412-2. Course Approval Process.

Outside providers wishing to have OHV education courses approved by the Division as adequate for meeting Utah's OHV education standard shall submit a copy of their proposed curricula to the for evaluation. The Division shall evaluate the proposed curricula against the standard specified in this rule and shall issue a letter of approval to providers who present curriculum packages that meet the standard.

R651-412-3. Course Completion.

Individuals who complete a training course approved under this rule shall be issued an OHV Education Certificate in accordance with 41-22-31 UCA.

R651-412-4. Curriculum Standards.

At a minimum, all courses approved by the Division shall provide the following course content and shall be presented at a level appropriate for the average fourth grade student. The method of course content delivery is not specified.

(a) Description of OHV riding in Utah.

(b) Utah State Parks regulatory responsibilities.

(c) OHV terminology including, but not imited, to: throttle, fuel shut-off valve, brakes, shift leer, engine stop switch, choke, spark arrestor/muffler, headlights, engine, footrest, ignition switch.

(d) Utah State Laws.

(e) Riding positions, turning and stopping.

(f) Hypothermia, wind chill and cold weather survival.

(g) Riding on different types of terrain.

(h) Pre-ride inspections.

(i) Towing a trailer.

(ii) Crossing roads and highways.

(iii) Dangers of drugs and alcohol.

(i) Ethics, responsible riding and trail etiquette.

(j) Tread Lightly

(k) Proper safety equipment.

(l) Snowmobile courses will also include avalanche safety information.

(m) Any hands-on training provided by an authorized provider shall be conducted in accordance with and all applicable state and federal law.


OHV education standards, parks

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September 21, 2017

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December 11, 2019

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