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R651. Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation.

Rule R651-611. Fee Schedule.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

R651-611-1. Use Fees.

All fees for the Division of Parks and Recreation may not exceed, but may be less than, the amounts stated in the division's fee schedule.


1.  Application Fees
      Easement, Grazing permit,
      Special Use Permit, Waiting List                 $250.00
2.  Assessment and Assignment Fees
      Contract Assignment                               $20.00
      Fee collection, return checks,
      and duplicate document                            $30.00
      Staff or researcher time per hour                 $50.00
      Equipment and building rental per hour           $100.00
      Photo copy each                                    $1.00
3.  Boating Fees
    Boat Mooring
      Day Use                                            $6.00
      Boat Camping (2:00pm)                             $20.00
      In/Off Season with or without Utilities
      (per foot)                                         $7.00
      Watercraft Launch Fee                             $25.00
      Boat Storage                                     $200.00
4.  Dry Storage
      Boating Season, Overnight until 2:00pm,
      Off-Season, Unsecured                             $75.00
5.  Camping Fees
      Camping Extra Vehicle Fees                        $15.00
      Camping Fees                                      $28.00
      Group Camping Fees                               $400.00
      Reservation Fee                                   $10.65
6.  Entrance Fees
      Bicycles and Pedestrians                          $20.00
      Bicycles and Pedestrians Annual Pass              $24.00
      Motor Vehicles
      Day Use Annual Pass                               $75.00
      Commercial Dealer Demo Pass                      $200.00
      Commercial Groups - per person                     $3.00
      Commuter Annual Pass                              $10.00
      Parking Fee                                        $5.00
      Causeway                                           $2.00
      Entrance Fees                                     $15.00
      Group Site Day-Use Fees                          $250.00
7.  Golf Course Fees
      School Teams, Tournament Fee (per player)          $6.00
      Gift Certificate Fee (per player)                  $6.00
8.  Golf Course GREENS FEES
      Promotional Pass -
      Single person - Personal golf cart               $400.00
      20 Round Card Pass                               $260.00
      Promotional Promotional Pass                   $1,100.00
      9 holes                                           $18.00
9.  Golf Course Fees RENTALS
      Club Rental, per 9 holes                          $17.00
      Motorized cart, per 9 holes                       $16.00
      Pull carts, pre 9 holes                            $3.50
      Companion Fee                                      $7.00
      Driving Range                                      $9.00
10.  Lodging Fees
      Cabins and Yurts                                  $80.00
11.  Repository Fees
      Curation Fee (per storage unit)                  $700.00
      Annual Repository Agreement Fee
      (per storage unit)                                $80.00
      Annual Agreement Fee                              $50.00
12.  Boating Section Fees
      Statewide Boat Registration Fee                   $25.00
      Carrying Passengers for Hire Fee                 $200.00
      Boat Livery Registration Fee                     $100.00
13.  Boating Education Fee
      Division's Personal Watercraft Course             $12.00
      State Issued and Replacement
      Boating Education certificate                      $5.00
14.  OHV Program Fee
      Statewide OHV Registration Fee                    $22.00
      State issued permit to non-resident
      OHVs, in which there is no reciprocity            $30.00
15.  OHV Education Fee
      Division's Off-highway Vehicle
      Program Safety Certificate                        $30.00
      State Issued and Replacement
      OHV Safety Certificate                             $2.00


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Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment

July 8, 2013

Notice of Continuation

January 7, 2016

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