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R651. Natural Resources, Parks and Recreation.

Rule R651-637. Antelope Island State Park Special Mule Deer and Bighorn Sheep Hunt.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

R651-637-1. Authorization of a Hunt.

(1) Hunting of mule deer and bighorn sheep on Antelope Island State Park is authorized, and access on Antelope Island State Park is authorized for the purpose of hunting mule deer and bighorn sheep.

(2) All hunting shall be confined to the designated hunting unit which consists of that portion of approximately 26,000 acres on Antelope Island lying south of the chain link fence, commonly known as the "2000 acre fence" beginning in Farmington Bay and running in a south southwesterly direction and ending at White Rock Bay.

(3) Season dates, permit numbers, and other parameters for hunts shall be established by cooperative agreement.

(a) The Division of Parks and Recreation and the Division of Wildlife Resources, through their respective policy boards, will enter into a cooperative agreement for the purpose of establishing:

(i) the number of permits issued annually for bighorn sheep and buck mule deer on Antelope Island;

(ii) season dates for each hunt;

(iii) procedures and regulations applicable to hunting on Antelope Island;

(iv) protocols for issuing permits and conducting hunts for antlerless deer on Antelope Island when populations require management; and

(v) procedures and conditions for transferring marketed hunting permit revenue from the Division of Wildlife Resources to the Division of Parks and Recreation.

(b) The cooperative agreement governing bighorn sheep and mule deer hunting on Antelope Island and any subsequent amendment thereto shall be presented to the Wildlife Board and the Parks Board for approval prior to drawing or issuing hunting permits.

R651-637-2. Applicability of Law and Rules.

Hunting during the Antelope Island State Park Special Mule Deer and Bighorn Sheep Hunt shall be conducted in accordance with applicable state law, administrative code, hunting guidebooks of the Utah Wildlife Board, and in accordance with this rule.

R651-637-3. Season Dates.

The Antelope Island State Park bighorn sheep and mule deer hunts shall be conducted during legal hunting hours: beginning 30 minutes before official sunrise and ending 30 minutes after official sunset; the season dates established by cooperative agreement pursuant to R651-637-1(3).

R651-637-4. Hunting Party Size.

Each hunter licensed to hunt during the Antelope Island State Park Special Mule Deer and Bighorn Sheep Hunt may be accompanied by up to four (4) non-hunting companions. Guides, photographers, packers and all other individuals accompanying the hunter in camp or in the field are included in this limit.

R651-637-5. Fees.

(1) Day use fees for licensed hunters and their companions will be waived for the duration of their hunt.

(2) Camping fees for hunters and their companions who desire to camp on Antelope Island during the hunt will be charged per the current fee schedule. All campers shall camp in designated areas as directed by park management.

(3) Commercial activities related to hunt activities shall be individually evaluated and permitted through the Division's established processes.

R651-637-6. Access.

(1) Motor vehicle access will be limited to roads open to public use. No off-road, motorized vehicular travel will be allowed.

(2) Off-highway vehicles as defined in Title 41-22-2 UCA are not allowed on Antelope Island.

(3) During the hunt, foot and horse travel, including cross-country foot and horse travel, will be allowed in all areas of the hunting unit.

(4) Foot and horse travel including cross-country foot and horse travel for the purposes of pre-season scouting is authorized for hunters and their guides. Hunters and guides conducting pre-season scouting shall notify Park Management of their presence on the Island, and shall adhere to instructions provided by Park Management. Standard day use and camping fees shall apply to pre-season scouting visits.

R651-637-7. Mandatory Orientation.

Parks' Management may require permit holders and their guides to attend a hunting orientation meeting at Antelope Island State Park Visitor Center prior to the hunt.

R651-637-8. Mandatory Check-in and Check-out.

All hunters and their companions shall check in with Park Management at the beginning of their hunt and shall check out at the end of their hunt. Instructions on checking in and out will be provided.

R651-637-9. Handling of Harvested Wildlife.

The carcasses of all harvested wildlife shall be covered while being transported on Antelope Island or on the Antelope Island Causeway. This includes all parts of the harvested wildlife, including the head.


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April 21, 2016

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October 6, 2015

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