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R661. Navajo Trust Fund, Trustees.

Rule R661-8. Utah Navajo Trust Fund Power Lines and House Wiring Program.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

R661-8-101. Objective.

(1) The objective of the Power Lines and House wiring program is to provide financial assistance to individuals and entities for development of power line main trunk lines or extensions, and/or house wiring projects.

(2) UNTF match funding will be limited to 50% of the project cost or $400,000, whichever is lower if the project is entirely in the State of Utah. If any power line project extends into other states, UNTF will provide match-funding only for the prorated portion located in Utah.

(3) House wiring work must conform to the requirements of the edition of the National Electrical Code current at the time the wiring work is to be performed.

R661-8-201. Applicants.

Applicants shall work directly with their Chapter to apply for financial assistance.

(1) All requests, budget preparation, updates and progress reports, will be initially processed through the Chapter.

(2) Power line/house wiring projects will follow the regular chapter project guidelines.

R661-8-301. Documentation Required.

(1) Power Lines: Main Lines or Extensions

(a) Explanation from power line company regarding feasibility, routing, and preliminary cost information.

(b) Project description, including identification of each phase of the work to be completed and which organization/contractor will be responsible for certain tasks.

(i) A map of the proposed route of the power line shall be included.

(ii) An explanation of the total number of families or individuals that will benefit from the power line distribution and extensions.

(c) Proof that the utility company or a private consultant that Rights-of-Way (ROW) are have been or will be obtained for the project. If a consultant is used for the ROW work, at least two (2) quotations from consultants shall be received.

(d) All appropriate clearances for the specified areas to be served from Navajo Nation and Bureau of Indian Affairs; submission of a letter from all applicable agencies verifying required clearances have been obtained is required.

(e) Identification of all match-funding sources with their scope of responsibility and contribution.

(f) A Resolution from the Chapter, with a final client listing and a current estimate shall be submitted in support of the request.

(1) Individual house wiring Applications require:

(a) At least two (2) quotes from qualified, licensed electricians specifying the cost associated with installing house wiring.

(b) Proof of licensing, bonding, insurance and warranty for all Contractors or sub-contractors hired by the Chapter to install house wiring.

(c) A project description that includes a listing of the dwelling units included in the proposed project and the detailed cost of each dwelling unit installation.

R661-8-401. Retainage.

(1) Ten percent (10%) of UNTF funding shall be retained until final inspection and approval of the work performed.

R661-8-501. Program Effectiveness Metrics.

(1) The Chapter shall submit documentation that each home to be serviced under the UNTF program has been inspected and determined in compliance with Navajo Tribal Utility Authority (NTUA) or Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) electrical specifications.

(2) The percentage of power line projects physically completed within three (3) years of UNTF commitment of funds

(3) The percentage of individual house wiring projects completed within 12 months of UNTF commitment of funds.


power lines, electrical wiring, Utah Navajo Trust Fund (UNTF)

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February 29, 2016

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