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R661. Navajo Trust Fund, Trustees.

Rule R661-9. Utah Navajo Trust Fund Public Facility Projects.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

R661-9-101. Sponsors.

Chapters shall be the main sponsors and proponents of a public facility project; if the sponsor is not a Chapter, the requesting entities will work directly with their respective Chapter in which the building is located.

(1) All requests, budget preparation, updates and progress reports, will be processed through the Chapter first.

(a) All documentation must be provided by the Chapter or to the hosting chapter.

(b) The sponsoring organization must work closely with the chapter.

(2) The Chapter shall be included in all the processes of development from the commencement to the completion.

R661-9-201. Compliance with Applicable Laws and Regulations.

The Chapter or Sponsor shall abide by all applicable laws, regulations, rules, policies, practices, and protocol for public facility projects, including but not limited to, site clearances, fees and permits, environmental clearances, abatement, uniform commercial building codes, architectural standards, and utility company requirements.

R661-9-301. Public Facility Projects Shall Follow General Chapter Project Policies.

(1) New construction, additions, major or minor renovation, and/or repairs are included in this program.

(2) The following types of projects will be considered for funding:

(a) Multi-Purpose Building

(b) Senior Citizen Center

(c) Warehouse

(d) Chapter recreation facilities such as baseball field construction basketball court construction, and/or swimming pool construction

(e) Headstart / Pre-School Building

(f) Library/Media Center

(g) Transfer Station

(h) Street Improvement

(i) Vendors Village

(j) Temporary Shelter

(k) Regional Water Purification Systems

R661-9-401. Funding.

(1) Chapters willing to a use a portion of their annual allocation will have preference for funding by the Fund.

(2) Unless waived by the Dine Advisory Committee or the Board of Trustees, match funding for a project is required.

R661-9-501. Requirements for Approved Projects.

(1) The Chapter or non-Chapter sponsor shall enter into a contract with the Fund setting forth the terms and conditions for receipt of the UNTF funding.

(2) Documentation required to be submitted to UNTF

(a) Land Withdrawal Documents, boundary survey, and environmental assessment. If these items are not available, the funding request may include payment for these items to be performed.

(b) Tribal/State/Federal clearances for the use of land.

(c) Documentation of other match-funding sources, including any Navajo Nation funding sources.

(d) A Chapter resolution supporting the proposed project including priority criteria in support of the proposed project.

(e) An Operation and Maintenance Plan for the completed project.

(3) Required Professional Services

(a) An Architectural and Engineering firm to develop blueprints and specifications in compliance with the applicable building codes.

(b) A licensed contractor to perform the construction work.


chapter public facilities, Utah Navajo Trust Fund (UNTF)

Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment

June 23, 2016

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