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R661. Navajo Trust Fund, Trustees.

Rule R661-10. Utah Navajo Trust Fund Short-Term Training Program.

As in effect on October 1, 2019

Table of Contents

R661-10-101. Objective.

The Short-Term Training (STT) Program is established to assist adults interested in improving their job skills and marketability through short-term (up to six months) specialized training programs which offer hands-on training in an institutional setting.

(1) Eligible training programs include, but are not limited to: certification for CDL (truck driver training), contractor's license, electrician and plumbers training, welding, natural gas compression training, safety awareness programs, or petroleum technology. To be eligible the training program must be offered by a licensed, registered, or accredited vocational-technology institute or center.

(2) The STT program is not intended for college degree- seeking students.

R661-10-201. UNTF STT Funding.

UNTF STT funding is a supplemental funding source which must be matched with other funding sources.

(1) The maximum UNTF contribution amount will be determined in each fiscal year of the UNTF annual budget.

(a) The UNTF contribution shall not exceed 50% of the total cost for tuition, fees, books, supplies, and for living expenses per program attended.

(b) UNTF contribution may also provide for living expenses which if provided shall not exceed $5000 per month, which shall be disbursed by the institution on a monthly basis during the training program.

(2) Applicants may only receive STT funding one time.

R661-10-301. Application Process.

(1) Applications shall include:

(a) A residency verification form completed and signed by the applicants Utah Chapter;

(b) A program description for the use of the STT funds and a brochure or information sheet of the program UNTF scholarship application, with the Financial Needs Analysis completed by the institution;

(c) Official transcript from the highest level educational facility attended;

(d) Highest grade completed in High School, GED, or post-high school educational institution last attended;

(e) A referral document from an agency proposing the training and/or the entity proposing the match-funding or acceptance documents from a vocational institution; and,

(f) Documentation which validates a programs' potential for job placement.

(2) All applications are to be submitted to UNTF for review at least thirty (30) calendar days before the training start-up date.

R661-10-401. Reporting.

Applicants shall report to UNTF any job offer accepted after completion of the program.


Utah Navajo Trust Fund (UNTF), short-term training program

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June 23, 2016

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