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R661. Navajo Trust Fund, Trustees.

Rule R661-11. Utah Navajo Trust Fund Water Development Projects Culinary and Septic Systems.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

R661-11-101. Objective.

The objective of the Water Development Project Program is to provide financial assistance to individuals and entities for Water Development Projects, culinary and septic leach field development, and development of wells for culinary, agricultural, or livestock water systems

R661-11-201. Role of the Chapter.

(1) Applications, budget preparation, updates and progress reports, shall be processed through the applicants' Chapter.

(2) Water development proposals must comply with Chapter project guidelines.

R661-11-301. Eligibility.

(1) The following water development project categories shall be considered eligible for funding applications:

(a) Culinary water and other plumbing systems for homes.

(b) Septic systems and leach fields for homes.

(c) Water well development systems for livestock.

(d) Water well development for Agricultural purposes.

(e) Well drilling, reservoir repair, and water tank placement for community purposes.

(2) Multi-user projects re preferred over single-user projects, although this program is available for individual homeowners who have match-funding.

R661-11-401. Procedures.

(1) Applications must include a plan developed in association with a utility company, the Indian Health Service, or Navajo Nation Water Resources

(2) Applications shall describe in detail the nature of the water or waste water project, including, but not limited to:

(a) the exact location of the well and lines to be installed;

(b) the number of housing units and/or families that will benefit from the project

(c) specifications on the amount of material needed for the project;

(d) the equipment to be used; and,

(e) labor costs.

(3) Applications must include appropriate documentation of required clearances from the Navajo Nation Division of Resources - Department of Water Resources, Navajo Nation Land Department, Navajo Nation Farmland Management, Navajo Nation Environmental Protection Agency and other applicable agencies.

(4) If the project involves culinary water development applications must include written verification that the project meets Indian Health Service requirements for public use and safety standards. Chapters shall work closely with IHS on all culinary water development projects.

(5) Applications shall list all match-funding agencies and their responsibility and contribution to the project. Chapters should identify and utilize every possible funding agency in order to provide adequate funding for the project.

(6) Applications shall include a resolution from the Chapter confirming support of the project.

(7) Contractors or sub-contractors hired by the Chapters to install indoor shall provide proof of insurance, bonding and warranties.

R661-11-501. Retainage.

Ten percent (10%) of UNTF funding will be retained; the Chapter may request final payment of the 10% retainage amount after a final inspection of the completed project is made and the Chapter has approved payment.

R661-11-601. Program Effectiveness Metrics.

(1) Multi-user water projects shall be completed within 2 years of approval by the UNTF.

(2) Single-user septic and/or water projects shall be completed within 6 months of approval by the UNTF.


Utah Navajo Trust Fund (UNTF), water projects

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June 23, 2016

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