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R661. Navajo Trust Fund, Trustees.

Rule R661-12. Utah Navajo Trust Fund Homesite Lease Assistance Program.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

R661-12-101. UNTF Funding.

(1) UNTF will fund the costs associated with obtaining a Homesite Lease (HSL) for eligible families for the purpose of building a house, except the cost of the filing fee.

(a) UNTF will fund the costs for Land Surveys and/or Archaeological Clearances and/or Biological Review conducted by the Navajo Nation Fish and Wildlife Department for "Data/Species of Concern" and/or environmental assessment, if necessary.

(b) The application filing fee is not an eligible expense.

R661-12-201. Chapter Obligations.

(1) The requesting Chapter or organization will ensure that the client has obtained approval from the Grazing Permit holder and the Chapter's Grazing Committee Representative.

(2) The requesting Chapter or organization will ensure that the client has applied to the Navajo Land Department, and has paid their application fees.

(3) All requesting Chapters must fill out the UNTF Homesite Lease Application form on behalf of the applicant and submit the request to UNTF along with all required documents including an official Chapter Resolution.

(a) Chapters are encouraged to include as many clients as possible under this program and submit the request as a group project in order to minimize costs per client.

(b) Chapters may obtain quotations for eligible activities under this program or request UNTF to obtain quotations after the Chapter has approved the applicant.

(4) The Chapter shall report to UNTF staff when construction of a house begins on the lease site in which UNTF has paid for the Land Survey or Archaeological Clearance or other eligible expenses under this program.

R661-12-301. Procedures to Obtain UNTF Funding Assistance.

(1) Chapters must comply with the Homesite Lease Procedures of the Navajo Nation.

(2) Applicants shall:

(a) Obtain consent from the Grazing Permit Holder(s) to obtain a HSL and for the construction of a house;

(b) Notify surrounding neighbors of Applicants plans to withdraw land for a homesite lease.

(c) Contact local Chapter Grazing Committee representative to schedule a site visit to the proposed HSL area and mark the proposed corners of the HSL site with sturdy move-resistant objects.

(d) Obtain HSL Field Clearance Certification from the Grazing Committee.

(e) Submit to the Navajo Land Department all required documents.

(f) Coordinate and work with the Chapter for HSL funding assistance.

(g) Follow all the requirements of the HSL process.

R661-12-401. Documentation Required to Apply for UNTF HSL Assistance.

(1) A Chapter Resolution supporting HSL assistance for the applicant which identifies Land Survey or Archaeological Clearance assistance or both.

(2) A Navajo Nation Home Site Lease application and fee receipt from the Navajo Nation Land Department.

(3) A detailed map that shows the exact location of the HSL.

(a) The map can be hand drawn or an area map printed from the internet or map book.

(b) Landmarks such as Chapter Houses and other identifiers should be drawn on the map.

(c) The map should be drawn or identified to guide anyone that is not familiar with the area to the HSL site.

(d) The GPS coordinates shall be written on the map if that information is available.

(e) The Grazing Committee representive shall review the map for accuracy.

(4) All relevant materials should be gathered, packaged, and included in the funding proposal package including survey plats if that is available.


Utah Navajo Trust Fund (UNTF), homesite leases

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June 23, 2016

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