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R661. Navajo Trust Fund, Trustees.

Rule R661-16. Health Care Systems Improvement Program.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

R661-16-1. Health Care Systems Improvement Program.

(1) The purpose of this program is to improve health care systems in Utah Navajo communities. This program is primarily intended for physical facility improvements and long-term equipment needs.

(a) Proposals submitted to UNTF under this program shall be for improvements or equipment and must be limited to buildings and/or land located in San Juan County, Utah.

(b) Financial assistance may be in the form of grants or loans.

(c) The amount of financial assistance for health care systems improvements from the Trust Fund may be limited to the amount budgeted and approved by the Dine' Advisory Committee and the UNTF Board of Trustees.

(d) Matching sources of funding are encouraged.

(2) Procedures

(a) The requesting organization shall complete a proposal and coordinate with the local Chapter(s) for support of the proposed project. Since health care facilities usually serve a large geographical area and several communities, it is strongly recommended to have surrounding Chapters provide resolutions of support.

(b) Proposal contents:

(i) Name and contact information of organization:

(A) including the organizational structure of proposing entity;

(B) members of the governing board;

(C) organizational budget and a copy of the most recent annual audited financial report; and

(D) staffing information.

(ii) Description of existing Health Care system:

(A) name of the facility;

(B) project location (include map for illustration);

(C) current condition of the facility; and,

(D) size and dimensions, and range and capacity of health services.

(iii) Description of proposed new construction or improvements to be made:

(A) designated Project Manager.

(B) proposed size;

(C) capacity;

(D) conceptual floorplan; and,

(E) type of facility (Hospital, Clinic, Nursing Home, Dialysis Center, Adult Care, Assisted Living, Hospice, Mobile Clinic, etc).

(iv) Description of how the proposed new construction or improvement(s) will result in the improvement of the health system (additional services, revenue generation, staff expansion, new technology, etc.)

(v) Support letters or agreements and Chapter resolutions, and other supporting documents for the proposed project.

(vi) The proposal will be reviewed by the Dine' Advisory Committee, if approved by the Dine' Advisory Committee, it will then be presented to the Board of Trustees for approval. UNTF has the discretion to request additional information from the applicant

(3) Additional Requirements

(a) If the proposal requires a loan, the entity must comply with the terms and conditions of the loan agreement and the scheduled repayments of the loan.

(i) The entity shall not list UNTF as a co-signer nor as a guarantor.

(ii) UNTF will require a security interest in any projects financed by UNTF loans.

(b) UNTF will periodically review the progress of the project development and submitted financial reports.

(i) UNTF may deny any requesting organization's future funding allocations in cases of non-compliance or non-conformance to UNTF policies, procedures, or contractual commitments made to obtain UNTF funding.

(ii) UNTF may deny or cease payments for a project based upon non-compliance with the terms of the UNTF grant or loanby the borrower or grantee.

(c) Organizations that receive funding through this program are required to provide annual reports to UNTF, detailing how UNTF funds and other matching funds were used.


Navajo health systems

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September 21, 2016

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