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R661. Navajo Trust Fund, Trustees.

Rule R661-17. Office Equipment Purchase Program.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

R661-17-1. Office Equipment Purchase Program.

(1) The purpose of this program to provide Chapters with funds to purchase office equipment or software.

(a) The funds for this program are not allocated to individual Chapters; the funds are provided for in the annual budget and can be disbursed to a Chapter if requested and approved by the DAC and the Board.

(b) This Program is intended for the purchase of new office equipment, generally in an amount exceeding $300.00.

(c) "Office equipment" is equipment used in an office setting, such as computers, fax machines, photocopiers, printers, typewriters, and furniture.

(d) Software funding is limited to one-time purchase of computer software or software upgrades.

(e) Ineligible Purchases:

(i) Ink cartridges, toners, ribbons, paper, staples, or maintenance programs.

(ii) Portable office equipment such as laptop computers, iPads, cell phones, calculators, and other equipment that can be easily stolen, borrowed and not returned, misplaced, or otherwise lost.

(2) Amount of Funding available

(A) UNTF will match up to 75% of the Office Equipment purchase with a cap of $10,000 for any single item ($2,000.00 piece of office equipment x 75% = $1,500.00 UNTF Funding). Higher price proposals may be entertained under a Chapter Project request.

(B) If a Chapter House is not located in Utah, a prorated amount will be applied in addition to the 75% based on the Chapter population in Utah compared to the Chapter population in the Arizona. The Dennehotso and Teecnospos Chapter Houses are located in Arizona, therefore the cap for purchases for those Chapter Houses are as follows:

(i) Dennehotso 10% (for example, if a new piece of office equipment cost $2,000, the formula will be $2,000 x 75% x 10% = $150.00.)

(ii) Teecnospos 30% (for example, equipment cost of $2,000 x 75% x 30% = $450.00.)

(3) Procedures

(A) UNTF is required to make office equipment purchases using the Division of Purchasing and when applicable, the Department of Technology Services purchasing contract.

(i) Chapters shall contact the UNTF staff to obtain the information regarding types of office equipment available under state contract.

(ii) If equipment is purchased under a state contract two price quotes are not required.

(B) Chapters shall use the UNTF "Equipment Purchase Proposal" form and attendant checklist to submit the request for funding.

(i) Applicants shall obtain a signed Chapter resolution supporting the proposal.

(ii) Chapters shall submit the form and the Chapter resolution to UNTF staff for consideration by the Dine' Advisory Committee and the Board of Trustees.

(iii) If approved by the Board, the Chapter then submits a UNTF Payment Request form to the UNTF staff to complete the purchase.

(iv) Purchased office equipment will be shipped to the UNTF office in Blanding. The Chapter must arrange to pick up the equipment.

(4) Office equipment purchased with UNTF funds shall not be sold without prior UNTF approval.


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September 21, 2016

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