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R661. Navajo Trust Fund, Trustees.

Rule R661-19. Student Educational Enrichment Program.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

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R661-19-1. Student Educational Enrichment Program.

(1) The Student Educational Enrichment Program (SEEP) is established to assist students in grades 9-12. The objective of the SEEP program is to augment student interests in academic and/or career endeavors. SEEP funds are to be used for participation in education-related events or programs, and/or competitive educational expositions including, but not limited to, college summer prep programs, math, science, and technology expositions, job-shadowing, and industry production methods which are recommended by a school counselor(s) or principal.

(a) The intent of SEEP is to enrich students academically and only expenses related to the academic program are eligible for UNTF funds.

(b) SEEP is restricted to academic programs and/or events held in the contiguous United States.

(c) Each Utah Chapter may select and/or recommend eligible students to participate in the SEEP.

(i) The Chapter's Community Services Coordinator and a member of the Dine' Advisory Committee will coordinate with the school events coordinator or contact person to ensure that the proposed event is eligible for SEEP funds.

(ii) Only academic events or activities coordinated with the school events coordinator or contact person are eligible for SEEP funds. The school events coordinator or contact person shall be responsible for the proposal and for coordinating with the Chapter for submittal to UNTF.

(2) SEEP provides supplemental funding for group activities. The applicant must provide proof that the SEEP funds will be matched with other funding sources. Individual expenses will not be covered by SEEP.

(3) Application Process

(a) The UNTF Student Educational Enrichment proposal form shall be used to apply for UNTF SEEP Funds.

(b) The proposal shall contain the following:

(i) A list of participants approved by the chapter and verified to be on UNTF's Census Database;

(ii) A program activity description and how it will meet the objectives of the SEEP program; ;

(iii) A budget showing total program costs, including tuition or program fees, travel, meals, and other costs;

(iv) Match-funding participation from tribal, state, county or other agencies as part of overall budget, and amounts requested from UNTF;

(v) School events coordinator or contact person telephone number and mailing address

(vi) School's statement or other proof of liability insurance for the group activity;

(vii) Approval by the Principal; and,

(viii) A Chapter resolution.

(4) UNTF matching funds shall not exceed 25% of the total cost and shall not exceed $500.00 per eligible student.

(a) Checks will be payable to the school.

(b) The principal is required to sign the "Request for Payment" form.

(5) Each funded group shall submit a report to UNTF Staff demonstrating how the activity met the objectives of the SEEP program.


students, Student Educational Enrichment Program

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September 21, 2016

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