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R661. Navajo Trust Fund, Trustees.

Rule R661-20. Photovoltaic (Solar) Systems Program.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

R661-20-1. Photovoltaic (Solar) Systems Program.

(1) Funding for this Program comes from the annual Chapter Project Allocation.

(a) UNTF funding is limited to $15,000.00.

(b) The Chapter shall identify other match-funding sources in order to maximize the number of applicants that can receive assistance from UNTF.

(2) Objective of the Photovoltaic (Solar) Systems Policy is to provide financial assistance to individuals and entities for development of photovoltaic systems, installation and maintenance.

(a) Eligible applicants for the Photovoltaic Systems Program are individuals/families not served by a regular power line extension. Individuals or families who are included on a regular power line project to be completed within two years are not eligible for this program.

(b) Funding will be provided for photovoltaic packages which may include: panels; wiring; connections; receptacles; light fixtures; batteries; protective fencing; small buildings to house batteries and controls and to mount the equipment on; installation (labor); and, a maintenance plan.

(c) The maintenance plan shall include orientation for the applicant on care and maintenance of the system and troubleshooting.

(3) Procedure

(a) The applicant or the Chapter shall obtain at least two (2) quotes from qualified, certified/licensed photovoltaic system installers which specify all costs associated with the required package.

(b) The Chapter shall provide a project description that includes a list of the dwelling units of all families to be included in the proposed project.

(i) The description shall include the technical instruments and quality of photovoltaic system components which will be included in the wiring to be installed at each dwelling unit and may be depicted by an itemized material and instrument cost list.

(ii) The cost for each dwelling unit installation must be detailed in the proposed project description.

(c) Proof of licensing, insurance, certifications and warranties for all contractors, sub-contractors, or installers hired by the Chapter or applicant to install photovoltaic systems is required.

(d) Installers of photovoltaic systems shall ensure the systems are installed in accordance with the codes and standards of the National Fire Protection Association.

(e) An executed resolution from the Chapter, along with any priority listings, shall be submitted in support of the application.

(4) Ten percent (10%) of UNTF funding shall be retained until a final inspection is made. The Chapter may request final payment of the 10% retainage amount once the Chapter provides a copy of the warranty and written documentation to UNTF staff confirming that the Chapter is satisfied with the completed work.


photovoltaic (solar) systems

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September 21, 2016

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