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R708. Public Safety, Driver License.

Rule R708-8. Review Process: Driver License Medical Section.

As in effect on January 1, 2020

Table of Contents

R708-8-1. Step One.

When competent evidence is received by the Department that a driver license applicant or licensee has physical, mental or emotional conditions which may impair his ability to safely operate a motor vehicle, the department may act to restrict or deny the applicant or licensee's driving privilege by applying the Driver License Medical Advisory Board's Physician's Guidelines.

The decision to limit or deny privileges may also be based, in part, upon informal consultation between the department and one or more members of the Medical Advisory Board.

R708-8-2. Step Two.

53-3-303 requires the aggrieved applicant or licensee to notify this department of their desire for a medical review of the above action in writing within ten (10) days after the receipt of notice of such action.

R708-8-3. Step Three.

The Department (Driver License - Medical Section) upon receipt of a written request for review, will contact the Driver License Medical Advisory Board chairperson for his recommendation regarding which board members should be contacted to constitute a panel. These members will then be contacted by the department and will be given a time, date and location within sixty (60) days after receipt of the request at which to meet in order to review the medical evidence. The Driver License Division Director or his designate shall also attend the review meeting. Unless otherwise agreed upon, such meetings will be held after regular office hours. The applicant or licensee will be notified by the department of the date on which their case will be reviewed and may submit any type of written, photographic or otherwise documented medical evidence in their behalf to the department for the panel's consideration. The applicant may be requested by the Driver License Medical Advisory Board to appear in person during the review in order to answer questions regarding their medical condition.

The panel shall review the matters and make written findings and conclusions pursuant to which the department shall affirm or modify its previous action. It shall be the policy of the department to adhere as closely as possible to the panel's recommendations regarding licensure of the applicant. The applicant or licensee shall be notified in writing at their last known address of the Department's decision to uphold or modify its original action as soon as possible following the review.

R708-8-4. Step Four.

If new, relevant and heretofore undisclosed medical evidence which is germane to the applicant or licensee's case should develop following the panel's findings and conclusions, such evidence may be presented to the department and the applicant or licensee's case will be reviewed by the department in light of this evidence.

R708-8-5. Step Five.

If the applicant is further aggrieved by the department's decision following the above review process, they may appeal to the courts for judicial review as provided for by Section 53-3-224.


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January 8, 2017

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53-3-303; 53-3-224

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