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R708. Public Safety, Driver License.

Rule R708-18. Regulatory and Administrative Fees.

As in effect on October 1, 2019

Table of Contents

R708-18-1. Authority.

This rule is authorized by Section 53-3-104(2), 53-3-105, 53-3-808, 53-3-905 and Subsection 63J-1-301(2).

R708-18-2. Definitions as Used in this Chapter.

(1) "Accident Report" means an officer's report of an accident as described under Subsection 41-6a-402.

(2) "Accompanying data" means supplemental accident reports or addenda there to.

(3) "Driving Record", more commonly known as a Driver License Record (DLR) means a computer generated compilation of particular elements contained in the Driver License Division electronic database, consisting of:

(a) Driver's name;

(b) License certificate number;

(c) Driver's date of birth;

(d) Driver's zip code;

(e) Member of military;

(f) Reportable arrests and convictions;

(g) Reportable notices from courts indicating failure to comply with terms of a citation or failure to comply with terms set by the court, pursuant to UCA 53-3-221(2) and 53-3-221(3).

(h) Reportable department actions;

(i) Driving Privilege Status;

(j) License certificate issue/expiration dates; and

(k) License certificate class/type/endorsement.

(4) Driving Record - "Certified Copy" means an authenticated Driving Record and/or accident report and/or accompanying data prepared under the seal of the division. (Other records or information may be included only under order or rule of the court.)

(5) "Photocopies" means the mechanical reproduction of an original digitized or filmed document.

(6) "Recording" means a verbatim magnetic tape or digitized recording of sworn, or unsworn testimony, or information.

R708-18-3. Fees.

The Driver License Division charges user fees for some services. A schedule of these fees is available for public examination at any Driver License office location. These fees are set by the legislature in Section 53-3-105, 808, and 905, and in the annual appropriations act as recorded in "The 'Laws of Utah' as passed at the General Session of the Legislature".

R708-18-4. Exemptions.

The fees established may not be charged to any municipal, county, state or federal agency as defined in Subsection 53-3-105(33)(b).

R708-18-5. Records.

All fees charged shall be receipted and recorded under normal accounting principles established by the Driver License Division.


driver education, licensing, fees

Date of Enactment or Last Substantive Amendment

October 27, 2005

Notice of Continuation

January 19, 2016

Authorizing, Implemented, or Interpreted Law

63J-1-301(2); 41-6a-402; 53-3-104(2); 53-3-105; 53-3-808; 53-3-905; 53-3-221(2); 53-3-221(3)

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