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R708. Public Safety, Driver License.

Rule R708-30. Motorcycle Rider Training Schools.

As in effect on October 1, 2019

Table of Contents

R708-30-1. Purpose.

The purpose of this rule is to assist the Driver License Division in administering the Motorcycle Rider Education Program set forth in Title 53, Chapter 3, Part 9, the Motorcycle Rider Education Act.

R708-30-2. Authority.

This rule is authorized by Subsection 53-3-903(1)(b).

R708-30-3. Definitions.

(1) "Agreement" means a written agreement between the Driver License Division, and a school, institution, or individual to provide motorcycle rider training courses for beginner and experienced riders and courses for instructors.

(2) "Division" means the Driver License Division.

(3) "Practice riding" means that portion of instruction during which the student actually rides a motorcycle.

(4) "Program coordinator" means the division representative appointed to oversee and direct the Motorcycle Rider Education Program.

(5) "School" means an institution owned and operated by an individual, partnership or corporation, public or private, licensed to do business in the State of Utah, for the purpose of providing classroom and practical motorcycle rider training.

R708-30-4. Application.

(1) An application for an original or renewal agreement shall be made on a form furnished by the division and shall include the following:

(a) name of the school;

(b) address of the school;

(c) names of all proposed instructors; and

(d) addresses of all instruction sites.

(2) Upon receipt of the application, the division shall schedule an inspection of the school sites, equipment, instructional materials, course curriculum, class schedules, and shall determine eligibility of proposed instructors.

(3) Once the application has been completed and approved, the division and the school may enter into an agreement allowing the school to conduct motorcycle rider training.

R708-30-5. Agreement.

(1) Once the school has executed an agreement with the division to provide training for beginner and experienced motorcycle riders, the school may begin to conduct motorcycle rider training.

(2) The agreement shall allow the school to provide training and instruction for motorcycle riders, but shall not allow the school to bind or obligate the division in any way to issue a motorcycle endorsement or license.

(3) Upon execution of the agreement, the school and all approved instructors will be placed on a list provided to all driver license offices. A certificate of approval will be mailed to the school and will indicate the expiration date of the agreement.

(4) The agreement shall expire on July 1 of each year. No later than three months prior to expiration of the agreement, the school may submit a renewal application to the division.

R708-30-6. Standards.

(1) To be approved, a school shall meet the following standards:

(a) make application to and enter into an agreement with the division;

(b) maintain a place of business with at least one permanent occupied structure within the State;

(c) ensure the place of business meets all requirements of State law and local ordinances;

(d) have at least one qualified and approved instructor;

(e) provide helmets, motorcycles and range equipment for practice riding;

(f) have emergency equipment readily available. The emergency equipment shall include an adequate fire extinguisher and a fully stocked, industrial-quality first-aid kit;

(g) have written procedures for responding to accidents, including emergency telephone numbers, and a telephone within easy access during any range training;

(h) furnish the division with written permission to use any facilities not owned or leased by the school. Specific days of use and intended use of the facilities must be indicated, e.g., days: Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, etc.; and uses: classroom instruction and operation of motorcycles on property;

(i) request approval from the division for any proposed changes in instructor or administrative procedures;

(j) make record of and report to the division within 48 hours any accident or injuries occurring during any instruction;

(k) provide rider training at remote sites only upon approval and/or at the request of the division;

(l) not engage the service of an employee of the division as an instructor, agent or employee of the school; and

(m) maintain for five years, and present upon request of the division, verification that all instructors are certified, and attendance and completion records are accurate.

R708-30-7. Certificate of Approval.

Upon approval, the division will issue a certificate of approval to the school, each branch office, and/or mobile team. The certificate will be conspicuously displayed at all times in the school's permanent place of business and will be displayed during instruction at branch offices and mobile training sites.

R708-30-8. Inspections.

(1) The division may:

(a) conduct random examinations, inspections, and audits without prior notice during normal business hours; and

(b) conduct on-site inspections annually and at any other time deemed necessary by the division.

(2) A person designated by the school shall accompany the division representative while performing on-site inspections. On-site inspections may include:

(a) ensuring that all requirements specified in this rule are met;

(b) examining school records;

(c) ensuring that practice riding procedures comply with criteria established by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation or another nationally recognized motorcycle safety instructor certifying body and the division; and

(d) reviewing any other items the division may deem necessary to ensure that all requirements specified in the agreement are met.

(3) Random checks may be made by any designated division representative to verify compliance with course instruction standards. Checks by the division may include:

(a) having a division representative take a course administered by the school; and

(b) having the division administer practical skills tests to a sample of riders who have completed the course of instruction presented by the school to determine if the results of the tests administered by the division are comparable to the results submitted by the school.

R708-30-9. Courses.

(1) Course curriculum will be conducted in accordance with this rule. The division may provide supplemental instruction as necessary. Such instruction may include information on course content, practice riding, instructor and administrative procedures and/or changes.

(2) Courses shall be conducted at locations approved by the division.

(3) Courses shall be conducted using division approved content, forms, scoring procedures and equipment.

(4) Courses conducted by mobile teams at remote sites and branches shall be held to the same standards as required at permanent locations.

R708-30-10. Certificate of Course Completion.

(1) The school will provide a certificate of course completion to verify rider competency and successful completion of the prescribed course of instruction.

(2) The certificate of course completion shall include the following:

(a) applicant's name;

(b) title of the course completed;

(c) date of course completion; and

(d) authorized signature from the school.

(3) Upon completion of a beginner class from an approved school, the division may waive the practical skills portion of the application for motorcycle license or endorsement to a current driver license.

(4) Riders must submit to the division the certificate of course completion of a beginner class within six months of the date of course completion to be eligible for waiver of the practical skills test. The rider will be restricted based on the cc size of the motorcycle tested on. The instructor shall write the engine size in cc format on the certificate.

(5) Upon successful completion of the class from an approved school, the division may waive the two month motorcycle learner permit holding period for riders under the age of 19.

R708-30-11. Insurance Coverage.

(1) The division shall obtain through a commercial insurance agency the required insurance coverage for all schools involved in providing motorcycle rider training.

(2) Each school shall submit to the division a list identifying all motorcycles used for instruction purposes.

(3) Motorcycles used by the schools for instruction purposes shall be covered by insurance obtained by the division and will be used only in approved rider training courses and only on division approved ranges.

R708-30-12. Instructors.

(1) Instructors approved by the division to conduct motorcycle rider training shall:

(a) furnish proof of completed training and certification provided by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation or another nationally recognized motorcycle safety instruction certifying organization;

(b) instruct only those classes which have been approved by the division;

(c) instruct only those students who are at least 16 years of age and have completed an approved driver education course;

(d) except as set forth in paragraph two of this section, have a valid Utah driver license with motorcycle endorsement;

(e) have a high school diploma or its equivalent;

(f) be at least 18 years of age;

(g) have at least two years of recent motorcycle riding experience;

(h) possess valid Red Cross standard first-aid and CPR cards, or their equivalent; and

(i) manifest safe riding habits whenever riding.

(2) The requirement for a Utah drive license may be waived by the division if the instructor is assigned as active duty military to an installation in Utah.

(3) Instructors are encouraged to wear all protective gear every time they ride. Protective gear includes helmet and eye protection, over-the-ankle footwear (not cloth, canvas, etc.), long non-flare denim pants or material of equivalent durability, long-sleeved shirt or jacket, and full-fingered gloves (preferably leather).

(4) The division shall refuse approval or will revoke approval if the applicant/instructor:

(a) no longer meets the requirements of this section;

(b) has had a driver license suspended or revoked during the preceding two years or within the preceding five years if the suspension or revocation was for an alcohol or drug related offense; or

(c) fails to successfully complete an instructor course or required course updates, or fails to teach at least two rider training classes per year, one of which must be as the lead instructor. An exception to this requirement may be granted if written justification for not meeting the teaching requirements is submitted by the instructor and is approved/accepted by the division.

R708-30-13. Advertisement.

(1) No school advertisement may:

(a) indicate in any way that a program can issue or guarantee the issuance of a motorcycle license or endorsement;

(b) imply that a program can in any way influence the division in the issuance of a motorcycle license or endorsement; or

(c) imply that preferential or advantageous treatment from the division can be obtained.

(2) No instructor, employee or agent of a school may be permitted to advertise or solicit business or cause business to be solicited in its behalf, or display or distribute any advertising material within 1500 feet of a location rented, leased, or owned by the division.

R708-30-14. Revocation.

(1) In accordance with Subsection 63G-4-202(1), the division designates all adjudicative proceedings associated with this rule as informal adjudicative proceedings.

(2) The division shall deny approval of an application for a school or an instructor if the applicant does not qualify for approval under provisions of this rule.

(3) The division may deny approval or revoke approval of a school or instructor for any of the following reasons:

(a) failure to comply with any provision of this rule or the school's agreement;

(b) falsification of any records or information relating to the school's instruction program;

(c) commission of any act which compromises the integrity of the school's instruction program or the instructor;

(d) failure to notify the division within ten days of any change in instructor personnel or testing locations;

(e) notification that an instructor's driver license is suspended, revoked, canceled or disqualified; or

(f) misstatements or misrepresentation on the application.

(4) If the division determines that reasons for revocation exist because of failure to comply with any provision of this rule or the school's agreement, the division may postpone revocation and allow the school or instructor up to thirty (30) days to correct the deficiency.

(5) A school or instructor who receives notice that the division intends to revoke their approval is entitled to a hearing. The hearing will be conducted by a person appointed by the division director.

(a) The party requesting the hearing must file the request for hearing within ten days from the date notice of the division's intent to revoke is received.

(b) The person conducting the hearing will issue a written decision that complies with Subsection 63G-4-203(1)(i) within ten days following the hearing.

(6) The decision of the person conducting the hearing will be considered final agency action. A party wishing to contest the decision may:

(a) file a request for reconsideration with the division in accordance with Section 63G-4-302; or

(b) seek judicial review in accordance with Section 63G-4-401.

(7) Reinstatement following revocation of approval may take place only after:

(a) a new application for approval is filed;

(b) the division is satisfied that the reason for revocation no longer exists; and

(c) the division is satisfied that approval of the school or instructor is in the best interests of the public and will not jeopardize public safety.


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July 11, 2008

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April 19, 2018

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